Thursday, July 29, 2004

I was just wanting to post something about not having any "serious" stuff to blog about. As, for example, Kaimar has his people saying stuff about him and Madli generally Thinks of Things and then says what she has Thought. Or Mikk who seems to make sense only to the people very close to him. If even to them. For i, ever since i've been reading his blog, cant make much sense. I bet it's just the way he wants it to be, too. All i can do is read the blogs of all the people that know him and then try to figure out what he has been up to. Too much brain work, generally. No disrespect, Mikk. Now that i think of him, i wonder if he has done any photography lately. The ones he show me during a particular russian lesson were pretty good, actually. So if you are reading this, let me know.

Another sad thing to see is the results of the "estonian mini-blogger-boom" as i call it. Many of the blogs started are now pretty much dead. I only hope that it has something to do with summer and the fact that all normal and reasonable people, unlike me, go outside during summer. And DO stuff. I've been rather bored of late, not to count the biking. Wich is still fun. So if anyone has any ideas what to do (not that i would be _totally_ clueless), let me know.

Um, there was yet this third thing i wanted to say, but i forgot. Oh, bother.

So, now for the main part:
An article from Postimees online:

Kolmapäeva õhtul veidi enne kella kümmet jäi Sõpruse puiesteel tütarlaps tualeti ukse ette kukkunud jalgratta tõttu WC-sse kinni, teatas Tallinna Tuletõrje- ja Päästeamet.

Neiu oli parajasti tualetti läinud, kui esikus seisnud jalgratas pikali kukkus ja ukse sulges. Kuna tütarlaps korteriust avada ei saanud, tõid tuletõrjujad redeli ja ronisid politsei järelevalve all kolmanda korruse aknast sisse.

Päästjad tõstsid jalgratta ukse eest ära ja vabastasid lõksujäänu. Päästeameti protokollist aga ei selgu, kuidas hädasolnu abi kutsus, kas appi hüüdes või vastu toru SOS signaali koputades.

The last paragraph illustrates that even journalists can be idiots sometimes. Not to mention that most of them are idiots most of the time. Might it INSEAD of tapping morse code or flicking the toilet light or sending messages with the air freshner be that the girl just had her phone hanging around her neck as today's girls tend to do? Eh journalist, never thought of that, did you? Not everything in life is as complicated as you might think, you know.

[music: Fernando Gelbard - Alevvacolaeria]
I just spent 5 minutes trying to copy that song's title from winamp. I think i eventually succseeded. Great song, as i might have mentioned earlier. Get it (from me) if you can and want.

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