Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Finger-Jabbing Saddam Defies Iraqi Tribunal:

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Downcast but defiant, Iraq's former dictator Saddam Hussein appeared before an Iraqi judge on Thursday, questioning his authority and saying the "real criminal" was President Bush.

I mean, when does he understand he is caught. I'd say he is acting just a wee bit too bold for his situation. Or maybe he does understand and is just trying to get the last fun out of it before being shot? And shot he should be, i think.

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Anonymous said...

Well , yes. Shot he should be , but i should say that Bush isn't a better guy than he is. They both should be sent to the moon or sth... then they could happily sing there WE LIKE THA MOON, BUT NOT AS MUCH AS THA SPOON! Eniveis , if i would be Sadam i would aslo have fun because you will be dead in the end anyway...