Friday, July 30, 2004

Currently blogging on mozilla firefox. (Because that damn micro$hit IE WONT log me in to blogger. Damnit, Bill, get those people to WORK.)

Just a note to people that might be interested before i go to sleep.

I screwed up the previous template. (Wich you could see here.) Unfortunately, thinking i had safely done all backups, i overwrote the template. So i am forced to write a new one because i can't figure out what exactly i screwed up. Not to worry though, Kaimar sort of inspired me to do it again. I've decided i'm going to redesingn the template itself too. Too dark and bland, the current one. Only that i'm not sure when i'll have time to do it. Going to Hiiumaa for the weekend, that sure. So i won't be back before monday. But do push me to do it, will you? Im currently thinking of something ferrari red. Or some pastel colors. Or anything. Dotted lines, perhaps? Or a simplistic thing? I rather like the layout of Tic - Tac, the current one, so you can expect some hints from that one, too.

Just noticed firefox treats this "notepad in a browser" thing much better, too. Can't remember what it's really called. Text box, yes? Only reason i'm still using IE too is that i can configure it to take up less screen space with it's menus than firefox. And firefox isnt too friendly to flash by default. But tabbed browsing r0x.

[music: Massive Attack - Five Man Army]

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