Saturday, July 24, 2004

Back from grandfather's birthday. I believe most of you can imagine what a grandfather's birthday is like. It was pretty good, really. I have nice relatives.

I just wanted to tell you a story i heard from granddad's sister. Greataunt the word, perhaps?

One winter evening when granddad and his sister were walking home from kindergarten (and yes, children are allowed to do that alone here, unlike some other places), his sister was looking at the moon. She noticed that the moon was moving with her so that when she was walking, the moon was moving, and when she stopped, the moon stopped. She told granddad about it. Granddad of course knew she was wrong because the moon moved with him instead. So they had to figure out wich one was right. They then conducted the first scientific experiment they ever conducted. They tried different combinations of brother moving and sister standing and vice versa. But still, they never figured it out.

It was especially funny to listen to that story looking at granddad, now a recognized maths professor and imagining he didn't know what the moon was. Just funny.

Oh yes, tomorrow is the Elva marathon. I'm going alone again. Mom and dad are taking me this time.
Its going to be a longish very fast track. Not many technical sections or anything. You will be kept posted, as always.

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