Sunday, July 11, 2004

Actually, it's rather strange (not to use the word "queer") to switch my handlebars to a keyboard once again.

So then, where should i begin..

As you saw, i was absent from webspace for a week or so. The time at my country place (another sentence during writing wich i feel i need to know english better) was rather neat, really. Spent the time biking, mostly. As i knew, and got reassured of at my Bike Maintenance Shoppe, my chain, and most probably, the whole set of rear (and yay, maybe front) cogs need replacing. That means some 1000 kroons or 62,5 for an € conversion.

So anyway.

First off, the weather near the coast was pretty much fine all the time.

We got there at wedensday, i think. Nothing special there, just got there and went to sleep. Biked on thursday. I think i did, anyway. 50 km, yes. Rather pleasant, you could say. Not too slow either.
The area where my summer-house (damn old age vocablulary we get taught) is has lots of good forest tracks and some decent (as in not too bumpy) gravel roads. A rather decent area for biking, really. Lots of hiking bikers or whatnot too. The sort that ride around those no good for nothing bikes loaded with tents and sleeping bags and whatnot. No disrespect, trip-bikers.

On friday i biked with my mother. Wich, if you look at it as a biker wanting serious riding, is not a very wize decision if you have the least bit of respect towards your mother. And i happen to have some. So only 30 km. I said "only" because it took us quite a lot of time to cover that distance. Had i done it myself or with the crew, it might have been serious training.

On saturday, that being yesterday, now that i think of it, we went biking with the crew who had arrived on friday evening. 100 km of nice tracks. With an average of some 25 km/h. Not too bad, i say. The ride was mighty fine. Forest trails and gravel roads. Rather scenic at places. Visited most of the sights there were to see near the summer house. The weather was exellent, too. Most of the time, anyway. As the script of any hollywood movie says, we got some rain too. Im not quite sure what i wanted to say with that sentence, but i thought it would sound cool. Anyway, the last 20 km we rode in heavy rain. Well, the last 15 anyway. During the last 5 it didnt rain but it didnt matter anyway because we were all wet. I think my biking shoes arent quite dry even as of now.

Today we decided not to bike because biking in wet shoes is discomforting to say the least. I won't say the worst because your monitor would'nt display it anyway because of it's magical ability to censor words that are so, uhm, uncatholic that they would blow your brains out. And we don't want your pretty brains all over that nice wall, do we? Okay, im getting carried away again.

We decided to visit Haapsalu, a seaside resort town, on our way to Tartu. We had a long walk around town and saw (that meaning climbing on and inside) the railway museum. Check pictures.

When coming back from Haapsalu, we happened onto another peculiar sight. To say the very least. You see, there was a nice Volvo (wich, in a state not so nice anymore, you can see in the gallery as well) with german licence plates driving all over the road. He was swinging from one side of the lane to the other. When that had been going on for 4 km or so, we started wondering if we should call the police. And then the volvo just drifted into the opposite lane, estonian roads having two lanes different from the chech tradition of four and the molvanian of three, and, as one could expect from a car driving in the opposite lane, collided into another one. The other one happened to be a green van (gallery time again) filled with a family of motocross bikers and their bike(s). As the speeds were within the speed limit, although im not quite sure how that could happen on an estonian road as no BMW with an estonian licence _ever_ drives within the limit and 99% of the cars here ARE BMW's, the crash wasnt too bad. But it wasnt a parking bump either. We stopped the car, calmed the panicking girl in our car, and looked around. Nobody had been severely injured. Wich one might not conclude from the gallery, now that i think of it. We waited some 30 minutes for the police to arrive and then told them what we had seen. That took some 2 hours. Not the telling nor the waiting but the sum of the two. But a picture is always better than words, so do check the gallery, link for wich will be supplied later.

Check gallery here. People featured in the gallery are mainly me, the other fellows from the crew and some friends and relations. Not to mention too many names in fear of the unexisting internet criminals and perverts and whatnot. The first part of the gallery, the one that has the bloody knife and such, are actually pictures from a happening i did not attend. It just so happened that the camera and memory card did and they got uploaded into the same place.

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