Wednesday, July 14, 2004

80 km.

Well, the cogs are now thoroughly tested. The rear ones - the ones they changed, that is - are fine. But as they didnt change the front ones, the problems havent gone anywhere. The front ones keep making loud bang noises and throwing the chain onto the lower one or, more recently, just skipping half a turn or so.
As for the 80 km, we tested some parts of the trail of the upcoming Elva marathon. It's going to be a very fast track indeed.

Im not entirely sure, but it would seem that i have now done more than 2000km this season. Not too bad. I hope to get at least 3000. Well i do now, anyway.

And oh yes, i hate being the poor nonindependent biker of the team, whatever the costs to being independent may be. Rather indeed(That was a brittish sentence, wasnt it? If it was a sentence, that is.) I too want to be a rich leet haxor with all the money in the world. Oh well, just gotta work for it, aye?

Later added:
One more thing. My biking shoes suck. Bigtime. They are very uncomfortable at long distances. My feet always go numb. Rich leet haxor problem coming into play again.

And yes, i lost two kilograms of weight. For all you people wanting to lose weight: bike 80 km a day and try to keep good speed. Think of it, after a week you'll weigh 14 kg less. Or be dead. One of the two, yes.

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