Sunday, July 25, 2004

67 km.

The fuzz about the starting number system of the EEC is justified indeed. Although my best result was 569th place, i got number 727. That means i had to start from the end of the line again. And that is not good at all.

Once i did get moving from the mass of people, it went pretty well. As i have said before, it was a very fast track. Very few technical sections and such and not as devilishly hilly as Haanja. Although i had hoped for a dry track, yesterday night's thunder made for some muddy sections as well. I even managed to crash over the handlebar once. Well, "crash" might not be entirely the best word to use because it wasnt so violent and fast as one might expect when one hears that word. I was trying to go through a muddy section but made a wrong decision and ended up with a front wheel stuck in the soft, sticky mud. Hovered over the handlebar and landed onto the soft mud. Not painful or damaging at all. I suggest everyone do it just as a means of reducing fear or so. Speaking of danger and damage, there was only one serious downhill. There were many fast ones but only one so steep that some people might have considered walking or climbing down. Fortunately (for me), it was behind a curve coming out of a wood. Somehow i didnt understand how deep it was before i was actually on it. Had i seen it, i might have freaked out (to use an american phrase).

All in all, it was a good fast-paced race. Im rather satisfied with my result as well. 441st place with 2 hrs 55 minutes. Proof here.

[music: Beenie Man - Analyze This]

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Karin said...

paul-paul, kuidas sa saad nii tubli olla....??igastahes tubli et said väga hea koha!edu siis järgmisteks võistlusteks(kui on neid veel)! =)