Friday, July 02, 2004

54 km.

As all my riding clothes were yet to be washed from yesterday's mud fest, i had to wear usual shorts and a t-shirt. What was worse, i had to wear normal "sports socks". Now, dont think of me as a spoilt child, but the "normal" socks, added to by the yet damp shoes i had forgotten to put on the radiator, were awful. They squeesed my feet so the blood couldnt circulate and my feet felt like being compressed in high-pressure absorbent cotton. Thats about how it felt, yes. So it was a very uncomfortable ride.
Before today, i would never have believed that a proper outfit can make such a difference.

Oh yes, and i did watch football. I was just staring at the clock in the upper left corner of the screen, wondering if the additional time should already end or not, when the damn greek scored the goal. So i only saw the replay. Oh well. As the ones that know me in real life might know, im not really interested in football. But i was sort of promised food so i went along to some friends' place and watched it. They have a bigger TV anyway. Oh, and yes, i noticed i got my cable tv feed back. So im no longer cut out from the world of toothpaste commercials and mexican soap operas. Yay, what a relief. As far as i am concerned, television is rather, and becoming more so every day due to broadband, pointless. At least i can control the ads i get and do something to fight them on the net. Yaddayadda blah blah. Point is, as a medium of information exchange, the net pwns. (Owns, that is, wich means to be above any competition, basically.) As a medium of entertainment, its catching up to the TV.

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