Wednesday, July 21, 2004

50 km.

It would have been 60 but just as i was entering the town, one of my lenses got blown off. Even though i was wearing biking glasses and everything. And it was the left one, too. So that i couldnt see the road. Luckily, my mom was shopping near where i was so she picked me up.

I went to Kristjan's (a classmate) country house. Its near Pangodi, thats in somewhat-southern-estonia. Very nice hilly roads. The road there is pretty much all uphill so its really nice to come back. Spent the day doing nothing and watching Kristjan work. He was recoating the veranda (that IS a word in english, right?) with a new coat of wood proctection, eh, stuff. Oh well. Swam for the first time this summer, too.

The road there was 58 minutes to cover 28 or something kilometers. 29.1 average speed. Not too bad, i think. I dont know about the road back as i had the lense incident and all.

[music: Aphrodite - King Of The Beats]

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