Thursday, July 22, 2004

30 km.

Same roads as some-days-ago. When i think of it now, i figure i shoulda' done more. Oh well. Had massive wind-against-my-riding-direction on the way back to town. And even though the sky looked like it was armageddon, we didnt get any rain. Wich is good.

As for other things (worth mentioning): Im sortof on an Aphrodite spree again. I wanted to say "damn he's good", but i dont really know if he is a she or not. In reality, it might be that im on a jungle spree in general. Only problem is i'm too lazy to bother with making a playlist in winamp. So only aphrodite for now. Later, i might switch to Kosheen or something.

If one looks at it this way, if the only other thing worth mentioning is what i'm currently listening to, my life seems dull, eh? Well, it somewhat is. Somewhat not, too.

And yes, i managed to totally screw up my template. I'll have to rebuild it from scratch. And i thought i had a good system of backing stuff up. Anyway, the more i do it, the more comfortable i become with css. And that is good. *Following text for people that know anything about making websites.* The ultimate goal for the template, wich i must build again, is to do it with no tables. I had the f**ked up template done so, too. Oh well, but it isnt a template anymore. Or if there is anyone out there that wants to help me restore it, let me know.

Oh yes, my knees hurt.
..Life of a biker..

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