Friday, July 30, 2004

Currently blogging on mozilla firefox. (Because that damn micro$hit IE WONT log me in to blogger. Damnit, Bill, get those people to WORK.)

Just a note to people that might be interested before i go to sleep.

I screwed up the previous template. (Wich you could see here.) Unfortunately, thinking i had safely done all backups, i overwrote the template. So i am forced to write a new one because i can't figure out what exactly i screwed up. Not to worry though, Kaimar sort of inspired me to do it again. I've decided i'm going to redesingn the template itself too. Too dark and bland, the current one. Only that i'm not sure when i'll have time to do it. Going to Hiiumaa for the weekend, that sure. So i won't be back before monday. But do push me to do it, will you? Im currently thinking of something ferrari red. Or some pastel colors. Or anything. Dotted lines, perhaps? Or a simplistic thing? I rather like the layout of Tic - Tac, the current one, so you can expect some hints from that one, too.

Just noticed firefox treats this "notepad in a browser" thing much better, too. Can't remember what it's really called. Text box, yes? Only reason i'm still using IE too is that i can configure it to take up less screen space with it's menus than firefox. And firefox isnt too friendly to flash by default. But tabbed browsing r0x.

[music: Massive Attack - Five Man Army]

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Google otsing: "agu kirss"

Google otsing: "agu kirss"

I googled Agu Kirss, the new gentleman to come into our class. (Im not sure if the previous is a totally brittish english gramattically correct sentence.) Seems he has kept a low profile so far. The only result doesnt even work. So we will just see what sort of gent he is, eh chaps?
I was just wanting to post something about not having any "serious" stuff to blog about. As, for example, Kaimar has his people saying stuff about him and Madli generally Thinks of Things and then says what she has Thought. Or Mikk who seems to make sense only to the people very close to him. If even to them. For i, ever since i've been reading his blog, cant make much sense. I bet it's just the way he wants it to be, too. All i can do is read the blogs of all the people that know him and then try to figure out what he has been up to. Too much brain work, generally. No disrespect, Mikk. Now that i think of him, i wonder if he has done any photography lately. The ones he show me during a particular russian lesson were pretty good, actually. So if you are reading this, let me know.

Another sad thing to see is the results of the "estonian mini-blogger-boom" as i call it. Many of the blogs started are now pretty much dead. I only hope that it has something to do with summer and the fact that all normal and reasonable people, unlike me, go outside during summer. And DO stuff. I've been rather bored of late, not to count the biking. Wich is still fun. So if anyone has any ideas what to do (not that i would be _totally_ clueless), let me know.

Um, there was yet this third thing i wanted to say, but i forgot. Oh, bother.

So, now for the main part:
An article from Postimees online:

Kolmapäeva õhtul veidi enne kella kümmet jäi Sõpruse puiesteel tütarlaps tualeti ukse ette kukkunud jalgratta tõttu WC-sse kinni, teatas Tallinna Tuletõrje- ja Päästeamet.

Neiu oli parajasti tualetti läinud, kui esikus seisnud jalgratas pikali kukkus ja ukse sulges. Kuna tütarlaps korteriust avada ei saanud, tõid tuletõrjujad redeli ja ronisid politsei järelevalve all kolmanda korruse aknast sisse.

Päästjad tõstsid jalgratta ukse eest ära ja vabastasid lõksujäänu. Päästeameti protokollist aga ei selgu, kuidas hädasolnu abi kutsus, kas appi hüüdes või vastu toru SOS signaali koputades.

The last paragraph illustrates that even journalists can be idiots sometimes. Not to mention that most of them are idiots most of the time. Might it INSEAD of tapping morse code or flicking the toilet light or sending messages with the air freshner be that the girl just had her phone hanging around her neck as today's girls tend to do? Eh journalist, never thought of that, did you? Not everything in life is as complicated as you might think, you know.

[music: Fernando Gelbard - Alevvacolaeria]
I just spent 5 minutes trying to copy that song's title from winamp. I think i eventually succseeded. Great song, as i might have mentioned earlier. Get it (from me) if you can and want.
Can anyone tell me what this is?

Happened onto it @ google.

Its midnight.

I was just reading velo.clubbers and got an urge to bike. Gotta get those £300 lights already. Well, any lights, really. Although cruising around town would be almost just as neat. Should have gone riding today but i didnt. Although a lazy day once in a while is good too. Grr, i wish there were better mountainbike tracks near town. Really i do.
All i can do now is either do the Jänese track alongside the river wich isnt so mountainbikey at all or pedal some 25 km to vapramäe. A 25km well worth it, sure, but one doesnt always have the time. Does anyone know any good tracks near Tartu?

And oh..
Thats me at the elva marathon. I really cant tell you why the picture of me is the only rotated one.

Im actually considering going biking right now.. I doubt getting to it right now, in the middle of the night, but im going out tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

AbbiOrca- Bunny Hopping Todd Wells & Ben Jacques-Maynes

Just about the thing i thought one CANT do with a racing bike. Life proved me wrong, again.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Made some discoveries about different things today:

  • I am only 50 km short of being half through my second chain this season.
  • I now officially have more kilometrage on my bike computer than Lasse has on his.
  • The previous means that i have ridden around 2500 km this season.
  • The previous aint bad for a first season.
  • I can now feel wind directions when biking. Somewhat useful.

And i still love the Vapramäe area. I wish it was a wee bit closer to town. The 20-25 km ride there is a tiny bit too much to be able to enjoy any decent distances there. But oh well. I really like the technical trails of the area.

100th post. Yay.

Saw Starsky & Hutch yesterday. I pretty much agree with Kaimar's opinion. Pure entertainment, nothing less, nothing more. Reminded me of GTA: Vice City. A new emerging entertainment genre, i suppose.
Lots of seventies eye candy and such. They had really paid attention to small details. All the minor stuff you could see in any given scene. I think they might even have overdone it a bit, but it was good nevertheless.

Monday, July 26, 2004

33 km.

A £320 bike light. If its not a typo, what the hell would someone do with such an expensive light? I have my eyes set on a £100 one :)
Nike: See Lance Ride

A little more lance. Nice clip, if maybe a bit too american.

Sunday, July 25, 2004


Cancer support project started by Lance armstrong. In addition to being a noble cause, the site is nifty, too. Browse to the rightmost button in the lower section. Ultracool feature, if you ask me.
67 km.

The fuzz about the starting number system of the EEC is justified indeed. Although my best result was 569th place, i got number 727. That means i had to start from the end of the line again. And that is not good at all.

Once i did get moving from the mass of people, it went pretty well. As i have said before, it was a very fast track. Very few technical sections and such and not as devilishly hilly as Haanja. Although i had hoped for a dry track, yesterday night's thunder made for some muddy sections as well. I even managed to crash over the handlebar once. Well, "crash" might not be entirely the best word to use because it wasnt so violent and fast as one might expect when one hears that word. I was trying to go through a muddy section but made a wrong decision and ended up with a front wheel stuck in the soft, sticky mud. Hovered over the handlebar and landed onto the soft mud. Not painful or damaging at all. I suggest everyone do it just as a means of reducing fear or so. Speaking of danger and damage, there was only one serious downhill. There were many fast ones but only one so steep that some people might have considered walking or climbing down. Fortunately (for me), it was behind a curve coming out of a wood. Somehow i didnt understand how deep it was before i was actually on it. Had i seen it, i might have freaked out (to use an american phrase).

All in all, it was a good fast-paced race. Im rather satisfied with my result as well. 441st place with 2 hrs 55 minutes. Proof here.

[music: Beenie Man - Analyze This]

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Back from grandfather's birthday. I believe most of you can imagine what a grandfather's birthday is like. It was pretty good, really. I have nice relatives.

I just wanted to tell you a story i heard from granddad's sister. Greataunt the word, perhaps?

One winter evening when granddad and his sister were walking home from kindergarten (and yes, children are allowed to do that alone here, unlike some other places), his sister was looking at the moon. She noticed that the moon was moving with her so that when she was walking, the moon was moving, and when she stopped, the moon stopped. She told granddad about it. Granddad of course knew she was wrong because the moon moved with him instead. So they had to figure out wich one was right. They then conducted the first scientific experiment they ever conducted. They tried different combinations of brother moving and sister standing and vice versa. But still, they never figured it out.

It was especially funny to listen to that story looking at granddad, now a recognized maths professor and imagining he didn't know what the moon was. Just funny.

Oh yes, tomorrow is the Elva marathon. I'm going alone again. Mom and dad are taking me this time.
Its going to be a longish very fast track. Not many technical sections or anything. You will be kept posted, as always.
Now that we got the other (look below) thing out of the way, some words about Märt's birthday i recently attended. (Ah blast, chaps, "attend" is rather a brittish word indeed, eh?)

Very nice party. Extremely nice to socialize with people for a change. And i'm not using the word "nice" just of politeness. Me really liked.

Gave him a wicked gift, too. As some of you might have heard and some not, a bunch of gentlemen i happen to know is planning, yes planning, to buy and restore an old hippie-style VW transporter bus. Yes, the old hippie sort. The hero of the day happened to be one of them. So Three Hairy Balls Productions inc., consisting of me and two other gentlemen with even longer hair, got him a toy bus, painted it, and gave it to him as a present as one might expect on the occasion of a birthday. And a nifty present it was indeed.
Madli writing about death made me think, too.

alot has been up today. today's subject is death. why do people die? i don't want them to die. there's no need to be dead before the normal death. no-one should die because of cancer or something like that. that is just so unfair. and don't come telling me that it is some "God's" will. what is he then? a psycho? why would he want to kill people? bring all this misery to the relatives and friends? i don't like him. if he exists. he is an idiot and he should know it. does he want people to die untimely just because of his own son being crucified and all? is that why he wants this all to happen?? God is probably some bitter old man sitting on a cloud and pointing his finger. that makes me re-consider the option of going to heaven after death. God should only kill those who really want to die deep in their hearts. only those and no one else.

First off, i dont know if she wrote it because of some recent events or not. But for my replying here, it doesnt really matter. Of course, i hope that she didnt. I'd hope that a person didnt die. Or have an accident or whatever.

That might seem rude, but here is what i currently think about the topic. Currently anyway:

God or no god, there is no point in being exaggeratingly sad about anyone [enter word of nasty thing that can happen to someone]. I dont think i would be. Just move on and deal with the consequences. Being sad and depressed about things, including nasty things, isn't going to help. It only makes you feel worse and really changes nothing. Thats why i don't see a reason to. Of course, NOT being sad and depressed might take some strength of will. That's why i hope i have some. So far, i think i have had.
Stuff like that just happens. And there isnt much we can do to prevent it, really. I mean, in the grand scale of things. Of course we can and should make cars safer and so on and so on, but it wont stop people dying. That is just the way it is.

At any rate, i don't want people to be sad when i die. Why should i? Let the memory of me be a happy one, not sad. That is the way i treat my memories of dead people. F*ck sadness, man.

And about god being a bitter old man. If he exists, wich i personally don't know anything to think of. What about, say, love? The golden morning sun rising over the fields? Puppies and kittens? Bitter? I doupt. Balanced, i'd say.

The trick (okay, MY trick) to life is mentally blinding myself from what an ugly place the world can be and bringing the positive to the front. Otherwize, we all would go mad, would we not?

No disrespect, friends and relatives of recently deceased people. You will get over it and remember your friend. I hope the memory will bring a smile to your face every time. Otherwize, it is not a memory worth having. One gets enough bullshit all day anyway.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Casebook: Jack the Ripper - Main

Very informative site about Jack the Ripper. Just sumbled onto it, sort of.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

30 km.

Same roads as some-days-ago. When i think of it now, i figure i shoulda' done more. Oh well. Had massive wind-against-my-riding-direction on the way back to town. And even though the sky looked like it was armageddon, we didnt get any rain. Wich is good.

As for other things (worth mentioning): Im sortof on an Aphrodite spree again. I wanted to say "damn he's good", but i dont really know if he is a she or not. In reality, it might be that im on a jungle spree in general. Only problem is i'm too lazy to bother with making a playlist in winamp. So only aphrodite for now. Later, i might switch to Kosheen or something.

If one looks at it this way, if the only other thing worth mentioning is what i'm currently listening to, my life seems dull, eh? Well, it somewhat is. Somewhat not, too.

And yes, i managed to totally screw up my template. I'll have to rebuild it from scratch. And i thought i had a good system of backing stuff up. Anyway, the more i do it, the more comfortable i become with css. And that is good. *Following text for people that know anything about making websites.* The ultimate goal for the template, wich i must build again, is to do it with no tables. I had the f**ked up template done so, too. Oh well, but it isnt a template anymore. Or if there is anyone out there that wants to help me restore it, let me know.

Oh yes, my knees hurt.
..Life of a biker..

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Vanalinn GP.

If there will be a race like this in the future, ill be there. If i can.
...Motivation rising...

Browse the gallery and stuff.
50 km.

It would have been 60 but just as i was entering the town, one of my lenses got blown off. Even though i was wearing biking glasses and everything. And it was the left one, too. So that i couldnt see the road. Luckily, my mom was shopping near where i was so she picked me up.

I went to Kristjan's (a classmate) country house. Its near Pangodi, thats in somewhat-southern-estonia. Very nice hilly roads. The road there is pretty much all uphill so its really nice to come back. Spent the day doing nothing and watching Kristjan work. He was recoating the veranda (that IS a word in english, right?) with a new coat of wood proctection, eh, stuff. Oh well. Swam for the first time this summer, too.

The road there was 58 minutes to cover 28 or something kilometers. 29.1 average speed. Not too bad, i think. I dont know about the road back as i had the lense incident and all.

[music: Aphrodite - King Of The Beats]
Christini AWD [AWD Tech]

A bike with all wheel drive. That would include the FRONT wheel. Im impressed. Really i am.

Thats what happens when scientists have too much free time. For real.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

30 km.

Found a new gravel road near town. Never been there before.
The first part was nice and quiet, but we had some good fast straights during the last kilometers. I noticed that our "banging" speed (the speed that isnt the maximum speed you can achieve on a level road but so fast that one couldnt maintain it during the whole distance) has risen from about 33 km/h to about 36. With mountainbike tires. Havent ridden with slicks for a long time. Cant say i really want to, either.
I am now beginning to understand how the winamp equalizer works. Though im pretty sure all equalizers work sort of the same way. Nothing difficult really. Just adjust the volume for every frequency. So you can make lower frequency (bass) sounds louder and higher ones (high pitched stuff) more quiet. Or anything. Neat. I had been using the winamp Eq presets for some time now. Adjusting the stuff right does make the sound much more vibrant and lively. Experiment, people.
[music: Aphrodite - 2 @ Sonictrip]
I thought i t was a 3 min piece at first. Then, when i had decided i was going to listen all of it, i noticed its actually some 60 mins. Neat. Aphrodite is good.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Sun is shining, weather is sweet.
If you are wondering what i am doing here inside posting to a blog, i already got my share of sunshine today. Im not saying that i wont get any more, but still.
Went to our country house near Otepää yesterday. I went there by bike, but didnt quite cycle the whole road. At some 30 km Lasse picked me up.
When i got there i realized that they had mown all the grass there was to mow and then some. Im wondering if i could ever mow so much grass in my entire life. They even seemed thrilled about the mowing. Oh well.
Had a nice evening with too little chicken wok for us all.
Today was biking day, of course. (Expect pictures, by the way) Only 30 km, but what sort of 30 they were... We rode around the Väike Munamägi area. Extremely nice single tracks, then the asphalted roller-ski track and more. Including the Tehvandi hill and ski jump tower, from the top of wich we didnt somewhy jump down.
So yes, 30 km here near Tartu or 30 km in the southern regions of Estonia can be vastly different. Remember that. I recommend the Tehvandi area to anyone looking for a good track or two. Or six.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

45 km.

More testing of the upcoming marathon track.
Just wanted to add that i got 65 km/h on a downhill yesterday.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

80 km.

Well, the cogs are now thoroughly tested. The rear ones - the ones they changed, that is - are fine. But as they didnt change the front ones, the problems havent gone anywhere. The front ones keep making loud bang noises and throwing the chain onto the lower one or, more recently, just skipping half a turn or so.
As for the 80 km, we tested some parts of the trail of the upcoming Elva marathon. It's going to be a very fast track indeed.

Im not entirely sure, but it would seem that i have now done more than 2000km this season. Not too bad. I hope to get at least 3000. Well i do now, anyway.

And oh yes, i hate being the poor nonindependent biker of the team, whatever the costs to being independent may be. Rather indeed(That was a brittish sentence, wasnt it? If it was a sentence, that is.) I too want to be a rich leet haxor with all the money in the world. Oh well, just gotta work for it, aye?

Later added:
One more thing. My biking shoes suck. Bigtime. They are very uncomfortable at long distances. My feet always go numb. Rich leet haxor problem coming into play again.

And yes, i lost two kilograms of weight. For all you people wanting to lose weight: bike 80 km a day and try to keep good speed. Think of it, after a week you'll weigh 14 kg less. Or be dead. One of the two, yes.
Life is good. I'd say "again" but that would imply to my life having been bad, wich it in general terms hasnt.

There are, right now, two main reasons for stating the above. First, i have made some progress with the blog template, wich you should be able to see at The main stuff is now set, all i have to do is move the text(s) into the right place(s) and do some minor modifications. And add some stuff, too.

The second reason is i got my bike back. With a new chain and new rear cogs. Silvery shiny drilled cogs. Cheap, but effective. Or so i say before any real riding. We will see, im going to test them tonight.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I've been looking into making my own template for the blog for a while now. Messy stuff, that css. Just got the first non-styled and non-nothinged version up. But it's not even the beginning yet. Probably going to take some time before the main blog gets a custom template.

Monday, July 12, 2004

I was thinking about (computer) technology and the internet and the way it has and will change our lives.

Three major thoughts at the moment.

First off, it definately has changed our lives. Today, a mate from the crew (do remember that all three of us have stronger-thatn-regular ties to the net scene. Especially them to. I dont work as a web desingner. Yet.?) was trying to tell us about a movie set in ancient greece. As he didnt quite remember the word for ancient he said: "you know, the time when the Times font was invented..". It took me a while to understand what he was trying to say. But understand i did. The main idea here being, i think, The serifs times has were invented because serifs enable one to chisel the font onto stone. Im not quite sure, but i think thats the theory. But his referring to an age through a font, and using the word font, is what made us laugh. But us laughing didnt make it less worthy at any angle.

Secondly, i was wondering when they will start teaching children the real alphabet that goes !"#$%&'()*+,-./:;<=>?@abc instead of the old and forgotten abcd.

And third: i just imagined a small boy, having just gone ghrough Basic Pen Training in second grade, picking his pen up to write his first real lines, being completely baffled when he understands his notebook doesnt render the text smaller when he closes the final > around his [font size="-2"][/font]. Expect no less when he realizes that the font command won't make his handwriting any better either.

[music: Bob Marley & The Wailers - Work]

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Actually, it's rather strange (not to use the word "queer") to switch my handlebars to a keyboard once again.

So then, where should i begin..

As you saw, i was absent from webspace for a week or so. The time at my country place (another sentence during writing wich i feel i need to know english better) was rather neat, really. Spent the time biking, mostly. As i knew, and got reassured of at my Bike Maintenance Shoppe, my chain, and most probably, the whole set of rear (and yay, maybe front) cogs need replacing. That means some 1000 kroons or 62,5 for an € conversion.

So anyway.

First off, the weather near the coast was pretty much fine all the time.

We got there at wedensday, i think. Nothing special there, just got there and went to sleep. Biked on thursday. I think i did, anyway. 50 km, yes. Rather pleasant, you could say. Not too slow either.
The area where my summer-house (damn old age vocablulary we get taught) is has lots of good forest tracks and some decent (as in not too bumpy) gravel roads. A rather decent area for biking, really. Lots of hiking bikers or whatnot too. The sort that ride around those no good for nothing bikes loaded with tents and sleeping bags and whatnot. No disrespect, trip-bikers.

On friday i biked with my mother. Wich, if you look at it as a biker wanting serious riding, is not a very wize decision if you have the least bit of respect towards your mother. And i happen to have some. So only 30 km. I said "only" because it took us quite a lot of time to cover that distance. Had i done it myself or with the crew, it might have been serious training.

On saturday, that being yesterday, now that i think of it, we went biking with the crew who had arrived on friday evening. 100 km of nice tracks. With an average of some 25 km/h. Not too bad, i say. The ride was mighty fine. Forest trails and gravel roads. Rather scenic at places. Visited most of the sights there were to see near the summer house. The weather was exellent, too. Most of the time, anyway. As the script of any hollywood movie says, we got some rain too. Im not quite sure what i wanted to say with that sentence, but i thought it would sound cool. Anyway, the last 20 km we rode in heavy rain. Well, the last 15 anyway. During the last 5 it didnt rain but it didnt matter anyway because we were all wet. I think my biking shoes arent quite dry even as of now.

Today we decided not to bike because biking in wet shoes is discomforting to say the least. I won't say the worst because your monitor would'nt display it anyway because of it's magical ability to censor words that are so, uhm, uncatholic that they would blow your brains out. And we don't want your pretty brains all over that nice wall, do we? Okay, im getting carried away again.

We decided to visit Haapsalu, a seaside resort town, on our way to Tartu. We had a long walk around town and saw (that meaning climbing on and inside) the railway museum. Check pictures.

When coming back from Haapsalu, we happened onto another peculiar sight. To say the very least. You see, there was a nice Volvo (wich, in a state not so nice anymore, you can see in the gallery as well) with german licence plates driving all over the road. He was swinging from one side of the lane to the other. When that had been going on for 4 km or so, we started wondering if we should call the police. And then the volvo just drifted into the opposite lane, estonian roads having two lanes different from the chech tradition of four and the molvanian of three, and, as one could expect from a car driving in the opposite lane, collided into another one. The other one happened to be a green van (gallery time again) filled with a family of motocross bikers and their bike(s). As the speeds were within the speed limit, although im not quite sure how that could happen on an estonian road as no BMW with an estonian licence _ever_ drives within the limit and 99% of the cars here ARE BMW's, the crash wasnt too bad. But it wasnt a parking bump either. We stopped the car, calmed the panicking girl in our car, and looked around. Nobody had been severely injured. Wich one might not conclude from the gallery, now that i think of it. We waited some 30 minutes for the police to arrive and then told them what we had seen. That took some 2 hours. Not the telling nor the waiting but the sum of the two. But a picture is always better than words, so do check the gallery, link for wich will be supplied later.

Check gallery here. People featured in the gallery are mainly me, the other fellows from the crew and some friends and relations. Not to mention too many names in fear of the unexisting internet criminals and perverts and whatnot. The first part of the gallery, the one that has the bloody knife and such, are actually pictures from a happening i did not attend. It just so happened that the camera and memory card did and they got uploaded into the same place.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Finger-Jabbing Saddam Defies Iraqi Tribunal:

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Downcast but defiant, Iraq's former dictator Saddam Hussein appeared before an Iraqi judge on Thursday, questioning his authority and saying the "real criminal" was President Bush.

I mean, when does he understand he is caught. I'd say he is acting just a wee bit too bold for his situation. Or maybe he does understand and is just trying to get the last fun out of it before being shot? And shot he should be, i think.
Off to the country till monday. Don't expect any posts.
[music: Julie London - Fly Me To The Moon]
A great jazzy piece. I took interest in Julie London after seeing/hearing this flash piece. I have loved all of it, so far.
I was just sitting at my computer reading something when this song came on at winamp. I noticed that i had stopped reading and was just swinging my feet with the rythm. Get your hands on it, if you can.

Monday, July 05, 2004

Marathon Summary

Due to problems with my net connection, this entry is a little late.
So then.
Im still alive.

About the marathon, then:
First off, we got there in time. That is worth mentioning. As another note, i was the only one from the crew that actually took part. The others were there though, as we went by Lasse's car and another mate was there too.
So i got my number from the registration and went into the starting corridor while having previously warmed up and everything. I noticed a peculiar gentleman. first off, he had no helmet. What initially caught my attention, though, was his bike. It was a woman's city bike. As practical for such a marathon as a wheelbarrow would be. As i feared, he turned out to be tough competition. Somewhy, most people with the silliest ever possible bikes do. He had a water bottle hung over his shoulder with a string.

So yes, the track was pretty muddy at places, and even worse most of the time. I noticed that most of the people, many with bikes and equipment many times the value of mine, walked up slopes i just rode up. I walked in the beginning too, but i noticed it is faster to pedal slowly with an easy gear. Also less straining on the legs. And that, on such a long distance, matters.

The first 10 or so kilometers were for breaking up the 1000 people into smaller groups. So in the beginning, one just waits and waits and tries to get by people at every opportunity. From 10 to 20 i just rode sortof normally. 20 till 40 were the golden times. I only passed and passed people. I sill remember the expression of a gentleman riding a bianchi (expensive and good bike manufacturer) frame when i passed him. His eyes were as big as saucers. From 40 to 50 was normal again. And then came the last 5 kilometers. Those killed me. I was getting tired, but, i think at least, the biggest problem were the new riding pants i had never tried before. They turned out to be too tight in a rather specific place, wich, especially to a male rider, is not nice. Not nice at all. I suppose i lost some 50 places during the last 3 km. But still, i finished and managed not to cry or faint, although barely.

Henceforth the morale: do not go on a long race with equipment you have never tried before.

Before the race, there was some fuss about the track being too difficult for the average sunday rider. Well, i had no problems with it. Only that less mud would have been nice. But then again, i might not be an average sunday ride anymore. Basically, i liked the track. Straining, but nice. Very technical. I like technical tracks.

While i was racing, my support crew, that is Lasse, Kristi and Tõnis, went and got themselves a place to sit and count the riders next to the track. They found a sauna or some small house on a slope the track was coming up. The climb was after the muddiest downhill of the entire track. As much as they told me, there werent many people who didnt crash. No wonder, too. I managed to stay on the bike somehow. But in 15 centimeters of mud on a downhill, it wasnt easy. I sort of came down the hill half-sideways. Lasse and Tõnis took pictures.

It took me 3 hours 37 minutes 32.7 seconds to negotiate the 56 kms. Started as the 768 th rider, finished as the 569 th. 21st in my own age group.

And another nice episode from the race:
During the first 10 km or so, i lent my pump to a fellow rider in trouble. He had bought himself a high-tech gas container powered pump but didnt know how to use it. I gave him the pump, took his phone number and rode on.
When i finished and called him, he had already started for home in his car. As he lived in Tallinn and was passing through Tartu, we agreed that he would leave the pump in a gas station. When i went to get my pump i also got a beer, his way of saying thanks. Woot.

See the pictures Lasse took here. Im number 768.

Saturday, July 03, 2004

Another Mikk quote:

Suvi võiks alata. Piisavalt palju on olnud seda masendavat kevadet. Suvi tule! Noh dragoni inimesed, õige aeg leiutada loits a la "summon summer" või midagi sellist.

A healthy thought indeed.

This is just the last entry before the big Haanja marathon. If all goes well, i will be reporting soon. If not, you all will be invited to the funeral. Or at least, help me raise money for the wheelchair. Hold your fingers crossed.

Music tip from Kaimar: Cunninlynguists. I think i spelled it right.
As far as i get it, its a bunch of people who have never met eachother in real life, making music together over the net. If i understood Kaimar correctly, its hip-hop. What i can tell you myself is its pretty good. Well, im just listening to the third track, but still.
Look for them in your nearest fileshare client like kazaa, emule or dc++.

[music: Cunninlynguists - Nasty Filthy (Feat. Supastitio)]
Im back from the SAAB meet. As it was sort of the warm-up evening, there werent too many cars and people there. Despite that, it was a nice evening. SAAB owners are generally very friendly and nice people. And of course, the ride to the north coast and back with the crew was nice too. To those of you that might have been reading the blog for some time now, id like to add that, even though is basically a biking "team", we went by car. SAAB doesnt manufacture bikes as far as i know, because if they did , i would have one.

We had amateur-style drag racing competitions and everything. A 400 meter strip competition and then some people tested their cars for maximum speed that the conditions allowed. Check the pictures for spidometer shots.
We were able to do all that racing because the meet was held at a former russian military airfield wich had a 2.5 km landing strip. Some people had maps wich were produced during the russian times and the airfield, as expected, wasnt on it. Just a patch of forest on the map.

Check out the pictures here.

Friday, July 02, 2004

54 km.

As all my riding clothes were yet to be washed from yesterday's mud fest, i had to wear usual shorts and a t-shirt. What was worse, i had to wear normal "sports socks". Now, dont think of me as a spoilt child, but the "normal" socks, added to by the yet damp shoes i had forgotten to put on the radiator, were awful. They squeesed my feet so the blood couldnt circulate and my feet felt like being compressed in high-pressure absorbent cotton. Thats about how it felt, yes. So it was a very uncomfortable ride.
Before today, i would never have believed that a proper outfit can make such a difference.

Oh yes, and i did watch football. I was just staring at the clock in the upper left corner of the screen, wondering if the additional time should already end or not, when the damn greek scored the goal. So i only saw the replay. Oh well. As the ones that know me in real life might know, im not really interested in football. But i was sort of promised food so i went along to some friends' place and watched it. They have a bigger TV anyway. Oh, and yes, i noticed i got my cable tv feed back. So im no longer cut out from the world of toothpaste commercials and mexican soap operas. Yay, what a relief. As far as i am concerned, television is rather, and becoming more so every day due to broadband, pointless. At least i can control the ads i get and do something to fight them on the net. Yaddayadda blah blah. Point is, as a medium of information exchange, the net pwns. (Owns, that is, wich means to be above any competition, basically.) As a medium of entertainment, its catching up to the TV.

Thursday, July 01, 2004


I spent the last few hours checking out digital photo cameras and trying to get my parents to buy one. I think its going to be an olympus. Cant be more specific at the moment though.

Anywhere to look for good used cameras, anyone?