Monday, June 14, 2004

You know what...

I have done so ittle i even amaze myself with this. Even though im a lazy person, this is just amazing. I got up, maybe ate something, went to school. Got back. Sat here, did nothing. Still not doing anything. And if im not going biking i will do nothing until the evening. Then i might do a little bit of nothing before going to sleep.
One day, the future generations will read about this day in history class. The day one brave man managed to move less than a dead rock under 200 metres of earth. I wonder if i should be classified as a Bradypus variegatus .

Just as a side note:
Its funny to start recognising fonts on the web. Like, 'ive got this one, ah, ive seen that one, oh this is called that'. Leet haxor indeed. Not really, im just being self-centered.

[music: Aphrodite - Subject 13 - Phuture (Remix)]

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