Monday, June 28, 2004

Yay, estonians arent the only crazy people.

Check out

I was actually trying to find a picture of a "pelmeen" at google when i came across this.
Check out the TOP PUIŠI and the TOP MEITENES sections. The tops or so. All in latvian, of course. I mean, if the rate thing is this bad here, i cant even imagine what happens when latvians start doing it.
No, i dont dislike latvians really, it just seemed a proper place to include some humour about the neighbours dislike of eachother.
Peace, luv an' hospitality, mates.

But still, any estonian has a stuffed latvian somewhere in the cupboard. The people from Saaremaa have two.


Allan said...

Pelmeen is actualy an ravioli. :)

Paul said...

Thanks for the tip.
Actually, i'd argue that they arent exactly the same, but close enough. Lots of help when trying to explain what a pelmeen is to a foreigner, anyway.

Allan said...

No problem :).
Yes, i know. Ravioli is more angular shape.
Just starting to eat them.