Saturday, June 19, 2004

Well then.

Now i am officially somewhat educated. At least, i have done all the country makes me do.

The festive meeting was rather nice, actually. I really liked my suit. Anyway, about the meeting, then.

Was our entry stilish, or what. Unfortunately, not all of the people saw it. But still. We and the people from where i live, that being Tähtvere, were in one of these and a mate from Ropka, another part of town, had one of those. The one we were in was my father's birthday gift to a friend of his and the other one was my classmate's brother's. His father got it to him as a present. So then. We had two VERY stilish russian cars. First, i and my father, who did the driving, picked up all the people from the Tähtvere area. It was five us plus my father. Then we met up with the other car and drove a circle around the school block meanwhile having an episode with a street being dug up and having to close the traffic to be able to back onto an useable road. We did the circle and drove into the school yard. They dropped us off right at the door. I liked it. With all of us looking so good (especially the ladies, of cource) it must have been a sight. Well, then there was the festive meeting itself. (Damn, i dislike calling it that, but thats what my school has taught me to call it.) It was nice. As we were walking to get the diplomas and back, they read some text about us. Who we are and what might become of us and so on and so forth. I liked that.

A nice surprise was a girl from the parallel form, or the B form, whereas i am (was) in form 9 A (but most of the readers know that anyway), singing. She had a very beautiful voice. If she is going to pursue a music career, she is going to be succsessful. I wouldnt mind paying heaps of money to buy her stuff, really. When she started to sing i wondered if it was coming from a tape or not. I would not have expected such a beautiful, and as far as i can say (wich isnt much because my ears arent really trained. Drum'n bass doesnt teach one that, unfortunately.) proffessional voice from such a young (well, we arent SO young anymore, but still) singer. I love her. voice and singing.

And then there was the eighth-formers (the ones organizing the festive meeting) with their samba-salsa-whatnot thing. That was very good too.

After the official part, we went outside and took heaps of pictures of eachother. And exchanged flowers. Then we came home. A reason to drive around some more with the Volga.

I will try to get some pictures up as soon as possible. Here i have a request to the public. If any of you took pictures at the meeting, please send them to me. If you have already done so, please send me the links. If you have them on paper, bring them to me and i will scan them. So we can have the pictures in one place and everyone can see them. Otherwize everyone just has their own pictures. I do think they are worth sharing. So do contact me via comment or messenger or e-mail.

[music: Chumbawamba - She's Got All The Friends]

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