Thursday, June 17, 2004

Well then.

From a bikers perspective, there are good things and bad things beginning with S. From the good side, slicks, for example. And shower(s) as a negative.

So yes, i bought myself slicks today. Nothing fancy, rather cheap ones actually, but the difference between slicks and usual mountainbike tires is immense. I did 40 kilometers on asphalt with an average of 31 km/h. Not too exhausting, but i can feel that i have ridden. For the latter 20 or so kilometers, it was raining. Rather a lot. Different from what one would expect, it was rather good to ride in the pouring rain. Yes, i had to put my glasses away because they got wet, but the rain sort of kept the wind away. I got cold, though. Even after a warm shower my legs tremble now and then.

One thing i noticed about biking today. Road biking trains your muscles while mountain biking trains lung capacity. Thats what i believe at the moment. I might be wrong, but it would seem logical. Road biking (at least here in flat estonia) is more or less a constant mid-level exercise whereas mountainbkiking is periods of straining exercise (uphills) followed by periods of downhill rest. So i would suppose i want a mix of both. That means that im going to have to get myself anohter pair of rims in the future so that swapping tires will be faster. Today we (okay, it wasnt me, but still, im not going to blame anyone) managed to puncture a tube while changing my tires. A tube every time i switch tires is a bit too expensive. And we might not have a spare one every time, too.

Also, i hear i got the englsh exam a 5. I also hear that only one person got a 4. And to him, i believe, it was a good thing. He, i believe, has studied hard to get a 4 because he usually didnt get 4s. Congrats.

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