Monday, June 14, 2004

Well then.
Rapid-fire posting today.
Found karupoeg's blog. Not as in i found a random blog on the net but as in i have known him for nine years now and i got the address of his blog. Not that he has had the blog for 9 years. Yaddayadda.
He has, as you can see below, also started posting in english for somewhat the same reasons as me. Yay.

As he very precisely points out:
It is good to ride your own bike. Riding some bike that is not yours is uncomfortable but on your own bike you feel like home...

He might have meant it in a different context, but still, its an universal truth and one of the fundamental facts that holds timespace together.

[music: Track 05 by Jay Chou]
I wish i knew the name of this song. As many i have highlighted in my posts, this one too, is great. Irresitible jazzy brazilian funk. Or something close to that. Aww. They day keeps getting bettter. If you really want it, contact me and ask. I suggest u do that now. Im also thinking of putting a cd with "Payl's hits" together someday.

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