Saturday, June 12, 2004

This fine morning i woke to the sound of my rear tyre going flat in the hall. wtf^^? i thought to myself. I still do. I suppose the set of inner tubes was just shitty because i already had to replace the front one. Just went flat in the hall at night, too. Is my home haunted or something? Or my bike?

Anyway, i thought i should rest during the weekend. Rest from biking, that is. After not taking any days off after that 80 km day i dont have so much spark in my legs anymore. I think a day or two of rest will fix that.

As for other things, i still feel kind of lazy. I suppose taking all those exams makes one feel like that. I dont suppose its sitting at my computer till one in the morning because one in the morning isnt really that late, considering i used to play wolf till about four or so. Or am i getting old? I dont think i have spotted any gray hairs in the mirror as of yet.

Oh, and yes, i think im going to try to install a shoutbox. So i could call myself an even more leet haxor. Or not..

[music: Fernanda Porto - Sambassim (Dj Marky Vip Mix)]
Porto is good, Dj Marky is good. So they are good together. Only that there is a confusing sound in the song wich sounds like my telephone ringing. Thats a bit confusing.

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