Thursday, June 17, 2004

The Postimees writes:
Tallinna Juhkentali gümnaasiumi õpetajad aitasid 60 abituriendil matemaatika riigieksamil spikerdada, peites lahendatud ülesanded eksami ajal tualettruumi, kus õpilased said käia neid maha kirjutamas.

For the non-estonian reader: its an article about cheating during the national math exams for the 12th formers. The teachers hid the right answers in the toilet.

I am stunned. Really. Teachers arent supposed to do that. I never thought that could be possible. The schools' greed for good results is getting so big they do anything to get them better. Although in my school they do it differently. They actually teach us so we get better results. As we can see, not all schools have the priviledge of having teachers that can teach. So they must resort to business such as that. Those teachers should be shot.
In addition to being unfair towards all the other pupils (had succeededeeded, that is) it is cruel to the pupils they tried to help. Pretty much all of them must now wait for a year before graduating. A year without nothing to do and no educaction to get a job. If it's a poor family, it can be really nasty.

I believe sacking the teachers is really the LEAST they should do. Maybe some extra punishment for causing misery for all those pupils, too.

Of cource, it is somewhat the pupils' own fault, too. After all, they had the chance not to go and read the right answers. But most still did. So i dont feel very sorry for them.

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