Friday, June 11, 2004

Paul drew first blood.

Well. The clipless pedals do need some more getting used to. To say the least. Everything is okay on tricky gravel sections and forest trails (not to mention asphalt) but the northern hemisphere equivalent of jungle i happened into today isnt too comfortable to ride as of yet. As there are LOTS of broken branches and tree stumps in the foiliage (sp?) so you cant see them, you need superfast reaction times to get your leg free. At times, my reactions werent superfast enough. But don't worry, the bike is okay. I got myself some brand new wounds on the left shin. Not too bad but the towel got smeared with blood when i dried myself after the shower. Ah, more respect in the biker community anyway.
All this makes me sound really tough and masculine, doesnt it? Yay.

Edit: wanted to say we did 37 km overall. The first 10 km with a mate from the crew. The second part with a mate from my class. That was sort of a joyride. No disrespect, though. I was rather exhausted myself.

And now for something completely different:

I got the results for the math exam already. 37 points out of 40. That means a 5 wich is the best possible mark for those of you that might not know. I know the exercise i might have lost two points, the third remains to be seen. Its a bit sad that the mark has no practical value whatsoever. It shows how much and how well i have learned during "basic school" (really not up to looking the right term up at the moment), but still. I dont get anything for it. Yes, some girls' recieving of the Note Of Honour (translation brought to you by braindead inc.) or not. But more or less, it was a 0 or 1, on or off mark. U fail and have to retake the exam or just pass. And thats it. Feels sort of empty.

[music: LTJ Bukem - The James Bond Theme]

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