Sunday, June 27, 2004

(not quite so) Quick Summary.

So then.

Been away from teh comp for a really long time. Almost three days or so, wasnt it? Okay, maybe a bit more.
First off, 1200 * 1024 pixels seem huge again. What a nice feeling.

Onwards to the summary, then:

First leaving home on Tuesday, or so i think it was. Wedensday was Jaanipäev (descripton of that in some past post). Jaanipäev is celebrated on the summer solstice (spelling?). That makes it the longest-time-of-daylight day in the year. So yes. LOTS of daylight right now. So where im getting to is that we left home with mom on Tuesday evening, at 12:30 at night. So we got to stay up the shortest night of the year driving through the rather nice estonian countryside. I really liked it. As it was dawn at 3 in the morning with some 4 - 5 of hours of darkness at night, we got to Nõva (our country place) in full daylight. Seeing dawn like that is nice. I wish i had a camera. More about that later.

So we got there.
I wake up at 3 or so and start work on my bike. I switch the tires and all. Put the wheels back onto the bike and stuff like that. All good. So i and my dad go out for a test ride or so. All is good for a kilometer or two. Nice forest trail, sun shining, birds singing. As the mates from the crew might know, my bike had been making real strange, unexplainable by modern science, noises in the driveshaft area (i dont really know the english term yet). I mean the area between the ends of the two pedals, where there is an axle connecting the pedals inside the bike. One of the corners of the triangle that make up the bike's frame or so. So yes, there had been noises, but we all HAD thought it was because i hadnt oiled the axle. So im just frolicking down this village trail having recently oiled the axle and everything. Frolic frolic, feeling good. And then, out of the blue: SNAPPPP and my left leg falls down next to the right. The damn (one of the few times i curse over the net, mind you) axle had broken. Its 15 millimeters of f**ken METAL. Metal, i say. Im wondering if i am too tough for this bike, too. That much about my biking holiday, then, i thought, and so it was, too. Cursing, i went back home and looked into the matter with dad. So we found out that the 15 mm axle had just snapped out of the blue. Nothing to do, i put the bike into the shed for the holiday as Jaanipäev is a holiday here and people don't have to work. How convinient.

The next day was Jaanipäev, then. We went to Haapsalu, a town some 40 kms from our summer-house. Nothing really interesting there. On the trip there we saw a moose counting cars or something in a swamp next to the road. We had a good look at him. When we were coming back, he was some 200 meters from the previous place, still counting cars or something. We took some photos of him, but he was sort of far for the lame-ass no-zoom camera we have. Its not even digital. More about that later. So we took pictures of him and drove on after a while. Before getting home we saw 3 fox kids. Not the tv channel, the animals. I think i got some nice pictures of one, i ll get them up when they get developed.

The next day we spent in Tallinn, the capitol, giving people money. Some would call it shopping, but my definition of shopping involves getting some item of note for your money, unlike we did.
Anyway, Tallinn is a silly place and i dont understand how a third of the population can live there. As we were just driving into town i was watching what was going on outside. People were getting killed, tanks were rumbling around, some firemen were running by with a christmas three on their backs and a homeless man was trying to convince a shop owner he wasnt Picasso. Okay, that might be a little exxageration here and there, but still. So here i am sitting amidst (that is a word, right?) all that fray feeling the effect they sometimes do in the movies when they film something for a long time and then play it very fast. Like the clouds moving or a NY street. Thats pretty much like i felt, too, the fastforward NY street. And then dad, who visits Tallin quite often, says: "oooooh, look at how quiet everything is today". I felt really strange. I decided i would probably have lit myself on fire if i had had to live there.
Good thing is i got my bike fixed. The people at the repair shop had faces like a car mechanic might have when the passenger seat opened the door, walked out of the car, bought a hot-dog, and got back into the car. Nobody had ever heard about anything like that before.

I was really glad to get away from all that.

In the evening i just did a quick 20 km forest terrain - gravel ride. I almost crashed into a moose. I wonder if it was the same one we took photos of. It sure looked similiar enough.

The next day, that being yesterday, i had a longer bike trip. 80 km from my house to Haapsalu and back. 28.3 km/h average speed. Considering that 25 km of the trail was gravel, i think it was pretty good. It is strange that the gravel parts were actually faster. I think it's the adrenaline u get on gravel roads. Felt rather exhausted afterwards, too. Oh, and yes, i had the usual mountainbike tires, not slicks. Makes me tuff, innit?

On to today.
Nothing spectacular really. Just a quick bike trip with dad exploring the forests around the summer-house. 20 km. Just wanted to mention that gravel roads at 38 km/h are interesting. Sort of Marko Märtin style.

And now, for the camera thing:

I have now decided i want a decent camera. Semi-pro or something. With optical zoom and not quite the "soapbox" as we call them here. So if any photo people are reading that, do contact me via comment or messenger. When i was in Tallinn, i had several moments, too several to mention, where i felt i wanted a camera. I decided that when i get one, i will have a trip to Tallinn just to take photos of things. So yea.

Ahh, long post it has been. Over and out for now.

Just wanted to add that i noticed im developing a biker's tan. That being a striped sort of tan-thing you get while wearing all sorts of things including gloves with no fingers.

Also wanted to add the famous estonian people's saying in my own words:

The leg of the brave biker is bloody.

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