Thursday, June 17, 2004

A new day again. First day as a free man, i might say. I was just thinking that if i wanted, i could get a job now. A real job. Not that i would want one. My plan is to stall with any real working as long as i can. That means another 3 years in school and then some university onto the top of it all.

Woke up late today. Felt nice. If i succseed in getting myself slicks today, wich i probably wont, because my parents' wallets are not endless and my stomach can only take a knife once in a while, it will be all the better.

Also going to have tea and cake with grandparents. Getting the education and all. They have helped me a lot with it, too. My grandmother has taught me russian and my granfather, a mathemathics professor, has taught me math. I really love them for that. But not just for that, obviously. So yes, tea and cake.

[music: The Best Jazz Album In The World]
A two-disc collection of good jazz songs. Some too slow for me, though. I dont much like slow music. Current song from album: Louis Armstrong - Mack The Knife.

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