Friday, June 18, 2004

Being Melancholic

Now that i started thinking about those nine years i've been going to school a lot of things have happened. With us taking part and not. With us wanting to or not.

We have grown up. Or grown upper than we were before, that is for sure. I might say some of us are almost grownups. Then again, some definately arent.
We have done silly things. And laughed at them. And we've done good and bad things. At any rate, we have done lots of em.

Now that i start thinking, there are still people who i know very little about. As for some, it's too late to do anything about it. As for some, i dont really want to. And yet for others, i have three years to get to know them as we will be attending the same school. Of course, there will be lots of new people to meet, too, but this entry is dedicated to the Old Good Gang. Unfortunately, it is somewhat breaking up now. I am really sad about some people leaving, as we all are. No, this isnt about girls. Not primarily, anyway. (This sentence is here pretty much only to make me sound cool.) Im really sad to see Andry leave, to name some. Although he did speak of being able to retake the entry tests to the school in autumn. I guess, again, that we will just see.

Then again, i know some people very well. And i cant say that i know anybody too well not to be friends with them. Most of the people are very nice. As a matter of fact, i cant say i especially dislike someone. Yes, there are some minor dislikings, as there always are. But it really is (was) a very nice bunch of people. As mentioned, i havent had the time to really know them all. But the ones that are my closer friends are great. I mean, really.

During the first years, there were sort of "gangs" who were friends with eachother. Socializing with people from other gangs was rather minimal. No, we werent hostile. We werent even cold or anything, its just that one socialized with his close group of friends. The other gangs didnt mean as much.
During the last two years or so (beyond that i just dont remember so well), i have felt the gangs sort of dissolving into each other. For the last two years we have been a single unit, so to speak. That has fealt really nice. I sort of have become friends with more of the people. Maybe that has something to do with my changing seating, too, i dont know. Basically, i had a very nice bunch of deskmates in all classes, this year. Than you all, if you happen to read this.

All in all, i now wish that the group would stay together longer.

So yes, this is dedicated to all the people finishing the ninth form with me this year. I love you all.

[music: Beenie Man - I've Got A Date]
A very nice positive bit. Just the thing for this reflective thing thing.

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