Tuesday, June 22, 2004

As Mikk points out:
discovered some good reggae music^_^. i have am listening a lot of reggae lately. and belive me , it's good. reggae, i mean. and that's good too that i am listening it.

It is nice indeed to find some fellow freaks on this side of the equator. And oh yes, he changed the address of his blog, somewhy. I hope he will quit doing that. I have to change the links bar on the left now and everything. Mikk, would you please stick to an address and use it.

And now for something completely different (that is a monty python quote, if anyone cares):

I just boght yet anohter inner tube. I also got myself a pump. For air, that is. As im going away to the country till monday or something for the Jaanipäev celebration. (Jaanipäev is the celebration of the beginning of summer, for you non-estonians. We make huge bonfires and if drunk enough, try to jump over them. I wont get into the more, ehm, shall we say, private, sorts of entertainment. Not that those kinds would be only for Jaanipäev. Im not sure why im even writing about this. Anyway, Jaanipäev means the day of Jaan, wich is a male name in estonian. We also use(d) to bring birches into the house. In the modern times, of cource, its rather difficult to do so we dont. The country people still do. Some of them, anyway. Oh, and yes, they do look for the blossom of the sõnajalg (dryopteris atrata). The trick here is that they dont have blossoms at all. So they say that if you do find one, you are lucky. I say that you are drunk enough.)

So yes, the country. As i dont have the luxury of gas-station automatic air compressors, i need a pump to put my ruff terrain tires back again. I want to ride the nice sandy forest roads there. Lots of crashing with the loved clipless system, i bet.

Over a long time, i am actually looking foward to going to the country. That is something. So dont change biking doesnt do one good.

And yes, i also spoke to the nice person at the bike shop and found out that buying another rims and the stuff that goes with them will cost about 1300 kroons or 87 €. (eur conversions to practice understanding how much stuff costs in euros in order to be comfortable with it once we switch to the euro.) So yes. I will have to give up eating and wearing clothes in the near future. And dont even think about entertainment.

The new pictures are up.

I recently saw 65 visits on my counter. Thanks to all of you for reading this. I hope you will return.

I keep typing "u" instead of "you" automatically. I dont want to, really.

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