Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Alles rites.

52 km. I and a mate of mine from the sinilille.org crew went to Vapramäe. The 52 km in itself wasnt that bad. But at the location we "met" an older (than me, that is) gentleman who was zooming downhill at 300 km/h. We happened to be pedalling UP that hill. So he wasnt very pleased to see us, as we heard from behind. He didnt crash, luckily. As Lasse pointed out, it wasnt probably his land and there are no strict rules on wich way the tracks must be traversed.
It just so happened that we happened to be leaving at the same time and in the same direction. The gentleman hurried off and rode a gap some 200 meters between him and us. We, okay, Lasse, decided to chase him. It just so happened that i lead the way in "the wind". After 20 or so kilometers (anyone know the exact distance?) at 30+ km/h at all times, i was feeling rather, um, strange. But then, on the final hill before town, i caught him. Well, yes, i did keep a gap of 20 meters out of sheer politeness, but that was it. Really. I do say it was the race of my life. Only that my competitor didnt know it was a race. But still, fun it was.

I also wanted to say im going to try to create my very own template for the blog. You will see how it turns out.

Also, about the camera thing, i have probably chosen the one we're going to get. You will be kept posted.

Also also wik (monty python joke), i wanted to say my bike is falling apart. Sort of. It feels sort of wobbly and it makes all sorts of noises, even when i painstakingly cleaned every possible part of it. Just wobbly. Seems that the front cogs (that IS the word for the spiked wheels the chain runs on, isnt it?) are out of perfect alignment with the frame and so on and so forth and so on and so forth. Im really sad. Dont want to be forced to get yet anohter new one.

[music: Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry]
If you havent heard that one, you havent lived. Period. End of discussion.

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Anonymous said...

järgmine kord oleme me 20m XTRist eespool, mitte taga :) aga ainult siis , kui sa jätkuvalt vedada viitsid. lazy.ass.riders@sinilille.org