Wednesday, June 16, 2004

50 km today.

Now i am the only one from the crew that HASNT got slicks. It's rather uncomfortable to ride like that because the slicks create differences in speed. Either i work my arse off in the front and they relax in my wind corridor or they work in the front (but not as half as hard as me at the same speed) and i work a little less at the back. Also, parts of my bike are falling apart. Namely, the bearings at the front, supporting the pedals. I dont actually know the english term. I think they are by the sounds, anyway. Im beginning to wonder if i need a new bike. Or rather, when is the most economical time to get a new one. My father is going to kill me. For real. I might just do it myself, kind person as i am.

Anyway, i still got my Education. Ahh, no more school now. I heard i got the maximum (15) points for the english oral exam. Not too difficult, that. And all the girls that kept fainting over and over because of the panic can relax now too. Yay. Or maybe they cant, i dont know if they know their written exam results yet. If they dont, i bet they are still trembling.


Anonymous said...

still trembling...:)


Karin said...

Everybody got 5 except one person who got a 4.We can relax now.Thank god!

Paul F. said...

Um like, damnit you have vacation already....Err I still have another 3 whole weeks...2 weeks of exams, 1 week of writing a 3000 word essay..