Wednesday, June 30, 2004

10 km.

Rode the Jänese track with a mate. As it has been raining all night and day, its _rather_ dirty. But i cant say it wasnt fun. Oh yes, it was. All those dirty puddles and mud. And the surprise puddles of course. The ones that turn out to be half a meeter deep holes filled with dirty water so you cant see the bottom.
Henceforth the wize words: when going through a puddle, lift the front wheel so it lands clear on the other side. So you will avoid nasty surprises. I did that, my mate didnt. The differences were visible.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Alles rites.

52 km. I and a mate of mine from the crew went to Vapramäe. The 52 km in itself wasnt that bad. But at the location we "met" an older (than me, that is) gentleman who was zooming downhill at 300 km/h. We happened to be pedalling UP that hill. So he wasnt very pleased to see us, as we heard from behind. He didnt crash, luckily. As Lasse pointed out, it wasnt probably his land and there are no strict rules on wich way the tracks must be traversed.
It just so happened that we happened to be leaving at the same time and in the same direction. The gentleman hurried off and rode a gap some 200 meters between him and us. We, okay, Lasse, decided to chase him. It just so happened that i lead the way in "the wind". After 20 or so kilometers (anyone know the exact distance?) at 30+ km/h at all times, i was feeling rather, um, strange. But then, on the final hill before town, i caught him. Well, yes, i did keep a gap of 20 meters out of sheer politeness, but that was it. Really. I do say it was the race of my life. Only that my competitor didnt know it was a race. But still, fun it was.

I also wanted to say im going to try to create my very own template for the blog. You will see how it turns out.

Also, about the camera thing, i have probably chosen the one we're going to get. You will be kept posted.

Also also wik (monty python joke), i wanted to say my bike is falling apart. Sort of. It feels sort of wobbly and it makes all sorts of noises, even when i painstakingly cleaned every possible part of it. Just wobbly. Seems that the front cogs (that IS the word for the spiked wheels the chain runs on, isnt it?) are out of perfect alignment with the frame and so on and so forth and so on and so forth. Im really sad. Dont want to be forced to get yet anohter new one.

[music: Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry]
If you havent heard that one, you havent lived. Period. End of discussion.
Well then.

Just got back from some nice star wars gaming. Lots of fun. Today seemed to be an A-Team memorial session. If anyone is intrested, what you probably arent, i could briefly describe what went on. But that would have to include a description of what a role-playing game is. That would show you what a freak i am. No really, we are pretty much normal people, us roleplayers. Not considering that we do ritual dances with blood and worship the devil, naturally.

I rode my mothers bike for a kilometer or two and found out that my bike isnt the worst in the world. Its the second worst.

Monday, June 28, 2004

*I* wont be needing a cooker in the future.
Will you?

I keep being amazed at what people with enough free time can do.
Yay, estonians arent the only crazy people.

Check out

I was actually trying to find a picture of a "pelmeen" at google when i came across this.
Check out the TOP PUIŠI and the TOP MEITENES sections. The tops or so. All in latvian, of course. I mean, if the rate thing is this bad here, i cant even imagine what happens when latvians start doing it.
No, i dont dislike latvians really, it just seemed a proper place to include some humour about the neighbours dislike of eachother.
Peace, luv an' hospitality, mates.

But still, any estonian has a stuffed latvian somewhere in the cupboard. The people from Saaremaa have two.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

(not quite so) Quick Summary.

So then.

Been away from teh comp for a really long time. Almost three days or so, wasnt it? Okay, maybe a bit more.
First off, 1200 * 1024 pixels seem huge again. What a nice feeling.

Onwards to the summary, then:

First leaving home on Tuesday, or so i think it was. Wedensday was Jaanipäev (descripton of that in some past post). Jaanipäev is celebrated on the summer solstice (spelling?). That makes it the longest-time-of-daylight day in the year. So yes. LOTS of daylight right now. So where im getting to is that we left home with mom on Tuesday evening, at 12:30 at night. So we got to stay up the shortest night of the year driving through the rather nice estonian countryside. I really liked it. As it was dawn at 3 in the morning with some 4 - 5 of hours of darkness at night, we got to Nõva (our country place) in full daylight. Seeing dawn like that is nice. I wish i had a camera. More about that later.

So we got there.
I wake up at 3 or so and start work on my bike. I switch the tires and all. Put the wheels back onto the bike and stuff like that. All good. So i and my dad go out for a test ride or so. All is good for a kilometer or two. Nice forest trail, sun shining, birds singing. As the mates from the crew might know, my bike had been making real strange, unexplainable by modern science, noises in the driveshaft area (i dont really know the english term yet). I mean the area between the ends of the two pedals, where there is an axle connecting the pedals inside the bike. One of the corners of the triangle that make up the bike's frame or so. So yes, there had been noises, but we all HAD thought it was because i hadnt oiled the axle. So im just frolicking down this village trail having recently oiled the axle and everything. Frolic frolic, feeling good. And then, out of the blue: SNAPPPP and my left leg falls down next to the right. The damn (one of the few times i curse over the net, mind you) axle had broken. Its 15 millimeters of f**ken METAL. Metal, i say. Im wondering if i am too tough for this bike, too. That much about my biking holiday, then, i thought, and so it was, too. Cursing, i went back home and looked into the matter with dad. So we found out that the 15 mm axle had just snapped out of the blue. Nothing to do, i put the bike into the shed for the holiday as Jaanipäev is a holiday here and people don't have to work. How convinient.

The next day was Jaanipäev, then. We went to Haapsalu, a town some 40 kms from our summer-house. Nothing really interesting there. On the trip there we saw a moose counting cars or something in a swamp next to the road. We had a good look at him. When we were coming back, he was some 200 meters from the previous place, still counting cars or something. We took some photos of him, but he was sort of far for the lame-ass no-zoom camera we have. Its not even digital. More about that later. So we took pictures of him and drove on after a while. Before getting home we saw 3 fox kids. Not the tv channel, the animals. I think i got some nice pictures of one, i ll get them up when they get developed.

The next day we spent in Tallinn, the capitol, giving people money. Some would call it shopping, but my definition of shopping involves getting some item of note for your money, unlike we did.
Anyway, Tallinn is a silly place and i dont understand how a third of the population can live there. As we were just driving into town i was watching what was going on outside. People were getting killed, tanks were rumbling around, some firemen were running by with a christmas three on their backs and a homeless man was trying to convince a shop owner he wasnt Picasso. Okay, that might be a little exxageration here and there, but still. So here i am sitting amidst (that is a word, right?) all that fray feeling the effect they sometimes do in the movies when they film something for a long time and then play it very fast. Like the clouds moving or a NY street. Thats pretty much like i felt, too, the fastforward NY street. And then dad, who visits Tallin quite often, says: "oooooh, look at how quiet everything is today". I felt really strange. I decided i would probably have lit myself on fire if i had had to live there.
Good thing is i got my bike fixed. The people at the repair shop had faces like a car mechanic might have when the passenger seat opened the door, walked out of the car, bought a hot-dog, and got back into the car. Nobody had ever heard about anything like that before.

I was really glad to get away from all that.

In the evening i just did a quick 20 km forest terrain - gravel ride. I almost crashed into a moose. I wonder if it was the same one we took photos of. It sure looked similiar enough.

The next day, that being yesterday, i had a longer bike trip. 80 km from my house to Haapsalu and back. 28.3 km/h average speed. Considering that 25 km of the trail was gravel, i think it was pretty good. It is strange that the gravel parts were actually faster. I think it's the adrenaline u get on gravel roads. Felt rather exhausted afterwards, too. Oh, and yes, i had the usual mountainbike tires, not slicks. Makes me tuff, innit?

On to today.
Nothing spectacular really. Just a quick bike trip with dad exploring the forests around the summer-house. 20 km. Just wanted to mention that gravel roads at 38 km/h are interesting. Sort of Marko Märtin style.

And now, for the camera thing:

I have now decided i want a decent camera. Semi-pro or something. With optical zoom and not quite the "soapbox" as we call them here. So if any photo people are reading that, do contact me via comment or messenger. When i was in Tallinn, i had several moments, too several to mention, where i felt i wanted a camera. I decided that when i get one, i will have a trip to Tallinn just to take photos of things. So yea.

Ahh, long post it has been. Over and out for now.

Just wanted to add that i noticed im developing a biker's tan. That being a striped sort of tan-thing you get while wearing all sorts of things including gloves with no fingers.

Also wanted to add the famous estonian people's saying in my own words:

The leg of the brave biker is bloody.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

To my classmates:

The Jaanipäev celebration for our class will be (most probably) held at Taavi K's residence in Peedu. I think it was so. The date: July, 8 and 9.

So yes, be prepared. More information after monday. In the meantime, ask Madli. And Taavi K.
As Mikk points out:
discovered some good reggae music^_^. i have am listening a lot of reggae lately. and belive me , it's good. reggae, i mean. and that's good too that i am listening it.

It is nice indeed to find some fellow freaks on this side of the equator. And oh yes, he changed the address of his blog, somewhy. I hope he will quit doing that. I have to change the links bar on the left now and everything. Mikk, would you please stick to an address and use it.

And now for something completely different (that is a monty python quote, if anyone cares):

I just boght yet anohter inner tube. I also got myself a pump. For air, that is. As im going away to the country till monday or something for the Jaanipäev celebration. (Jaanipäev is the celebration of the beginning of summer, for you non-estonians. We make huge bonfires and if drunk enough, try to jump over them. I wont get into the more, ehm, shall we say, private, sorts of entertainment. Not that those kinds would be only for Jaanipäev. Im not sure why im even writing about this. Anyway, Jaanipäev means the day of Jaan, wich is a male name in estonian. We also use(d) to bring birches into the house. In the modern times, of cource, its rather difficult to do so we dont. The country people still do. Some of them, anyway. Oh, and yes, they do look for the blossom of the sõnajalg (dryopteris atrata). The trick here is that they dont have blossoms at all. So they say that if you do find one, you are lucky. I say that you are drunk enough.)

So yes, the country. As i dont have the luxury of gas-station automatic air compressors, i need a pump to put my ruff terrain tires back again. I want to ride the nice sandy forest roads there. Lots of crashing with the loved clipless system, i bet.

Over a long time, i am actually looking foward to going to the country. That is something. So dont change biking doesnt do one good.

And yes, i also spoke to the nice person at the bike shop and found out that buying another rims and the stuff that goes with them will cost about 1300 kroons or 87 €. (eur conversions to practice understanding how much stuff costs in euros in order to be comfortable with it once we switch to the euro.) So yes. I will have to give up eating and wearing clothes in the near future. And dont even think about entertainment.

The new pictures are up.

I recently saw 65 visits on my counter. Thanks to all of you for reading this. I hope you will return.

I keep typing "u" instead of "you" automatically. I dont want to, really.
The new pictures are being uploaded even as i write this.
So check the gallery out again. As the gallery is now a full 25 megs, i will create another zone account if i get any more pictures. And please do send them.

[music: Jazzanova - Soul Bossa Trio - Words Of Love]

Im currently scanning some pictures to add to the page, ill let you know when they are up.
Just wanted to mention that one of the benefits of doing this is that you can get yourself good quality pictures of nice ladies and make them into desktops and whatnot.

Monday, June 21, 2004

Well then.

Im back from the party. It was very nice.
First off, there was a fire (or so i heard) at the place we were supposed to go to. A new place was very quickly organized.
All in all, it was a very nice happening and i once again got assured that we have (had) a very pleasant bunch of people in our class.
Well, what else can i say...

I got some pictures of the festive meeting up, though. Expect additions later, i'm going to scan some more.
You can see them here.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

And pic three.

Picture two, then.

All right, im getting some pictures. Right now, they will be displayed here. When i have more, i will probably move them to a site.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Thats me.
Other pictures here. Some of them, as you can see, are not of my graduation. Congratulations to Riin as well. She would be the lady in the _other_ pictures. Its just that it was the same day, the same camera. Now they are in the same gallery.

By the way, you can see some of my relatives and whatnot.
Well then.

Now i am officially somewhat educated. At least, i have done all the country makes me do.

The festive meeting was rather nice, actually. I really liked my suit. Anyway, about the meeting, then.

Was our entry stilish, or what. Unfortunately, not all of the people saw it. But still. We and the people from where i live, that being Tähtvere, were in one of these and a mate from Ropka, another part of town, had one of those. The one we were in was my father's birthday gift to a friend of his and the other one was my classmate's brother's. His father got it to him as a present. So then. We had two VERY stilish russian cars. First, i and my father, who did the driving, picked up all the people from the Tähtvere area. It was five us plus my father. Then we met up with the other car and drove a circle around the school block meanwhile having an episode with a street being dug up and having to close the traffic to be able to back onto an useable road. We did the circle and drove into the school yard. They dropped us off right at the door. I liked it. With all of us looking so good (especially the ladies, of cource) it must have been a sight. Well, then there was the festive meeting itself. (Damn, i dislike calling it that, but thats what my school has taught me to call it.) It was nice. As we were walking to get the diplomas and back, they read some text about us. Who we are and what might become of us and so on and so forth. I liked that.

A nice surprise was a girl from the parallel form, or the B form, whereas i am (was) in form 9 A (but most of the readers know that anyway), singing. She had a very beautiful voice. If she is going to pursue a music career, she is going to be succsessful. I wouldnt mind paying heaps of money to buy her stuff, really. When she started to sing i wondered if it was coming from a tape or not. I would not have expected such a beautiful, and as far as i can say (wich isnt much because my ears arent really trained. Drum'n bass doesnt teach one that, unfortunately.) proffessional voice from such a young (well, we arent SO young anymore, but still) singer. I love her. voice and singing.

And then there was the eighth-formers (the ones organizing the festive meeting) with their samba-salsa-whatnot thing. That was very good too.

After the official part, we went outside and took heaps of pictures of eachother. And exchanged flowers. Then we came home. A reason to drive around some more with the Volga.

I will try to get some pictures up as soon as possible. Here i have a request to the public. If any of you took pictures at the meeting, please send them to me. If you have already done so, please send me the links. If you have them on paper, bring them to me and i will scan them. So we can have the pictures in one place and everyone can see them. Otherwize everyone just has their own pictures. I do think they are worth sharing. So do contact me via comment or messenger or e-mail.

[music: Chumbawamba - She's Got All The Friends]

Friday, June 18, 2004

Being Melancholic

Now that i started thinking about those nine years i've been going to school a lot of things have happened. With us taking part and not. With us wanting to or not.

We have grown up. Or grown upper than we were before, that is for sure. I might say some of us are almost grownups. Then again, some definately arent.
We have done silly things. And laughed at them. And we've done good and bad things. At any rate, we have done lots of em.

Now that i start thinking, there are still people who i know very little about. As for some, it's too late to do anything about it. As for some, i dont really want to. And yet for others, i have three years to get to know them as we will be attending the same school. Of course, there will be lots of new people to meet, too, but this entry is dedicated to the Old Good Gang. Unfortunately, it is somewhat breaking up now. I am really sad about some people leaving, as we all are. No, this isnt about girls. Not primarily, anyway. (This sentence is here pretty much only to make me sound cool.) Im really sad to see Andry leave, to name some. Although he did speak of being able to retake the entry tests to the school in autumn. I guess, again, that we will just see.

Then again, i know some people very well. And i cant say that i know anybody too well not to be friends with them. Most of the people are very nice. As a matter of fact, i cant say i especially dislike someone. Yes, there are some minor dislikings, as there always are. But it really is (was) a very nice bunch of people. As mentioned, i havent had the time to really know them all. But the ones that are my closer friends are great. I mean, really.

During the first years, there were sort of "gangs" who were friends with eachother. Socializing with people from other gangs was rather minimal. No, we werent hostile. We werent even cold or anything, its just that one socialized with his close group of friends. The other gangs didnt mean as much.
During the last two years or so (beyond that i just dont remember so well), i have felt the gangs sort of dissolving into each other. For the last two years we have been a single unit, so to speak. That has fealt really nice. I sort of have become friends with more of the people. Maybe that has something to do with my changing seating, too, i dont know. Basically, i had a very nice bunch of deskmates in all classes, this year. Than you all, if you happen to read this.

All in all, i now wish that the group would stay together longer.

So yes, this is dedicated to all the people finishing the ninth form with me this year. I love you all.

[music: Beenie Man - I've Got A Date]
A very nice positive bit. Just the thing for this reflective thing thing.

All rite.

I just did 40 km in 1 hour 13 minutes. That makes the average 32.6 km/h. Im pretty happy with that now as it is an hour of rather hasty pedalling.

And im finishing school tomorrow. Fancy dress and flower happening and all.

Thats all for now.
Molvania, an eastern-european country. Interesting site design and information:

The empire converted to Christianity with the arrival of the missionary St Parthag in AD863 but reverted to paganism as soon as he left the following year.

Read and see.

[music: The Sons And Daughters Of Lite - Darkuman Junktion]

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Well then.

From a bikers perspective, there are good things and bad things beginning with S. From the good side, slicks, for example. And shower(s) as a negative.

So yes, i bought myself slicks today. Nothing fancy, rather cheap ones actually, but the difference between slicks and usual mountainbike tires is immense. I did 40 kilometers on asphalt with an average of 31 km/h. Not too exhausting, but i can feel that i have ridden. For the latter 20 or so kilometers, it was raining. Rather a lot. Different from what one would expect, it was rather good to ride in the pouring rain. Yes, i had to put my glasses away because they got wet, but the rain sort of kept the wind away. I got cold, though. Even after a warm shower my legs tremble now and then.

One thing i noticed about biking today. Road biking trains your muscles while mountain biking trains lung capacity. Thats what i believe at the moment. I might be wrong, but it would seem logical. Road biking (at least here in flat estonia) is more or less a constant mid-level exercise whereas mountainbkiking is periods of straining exercise (uphills) followed by periods of downhill rest. So i would suppose i want a mix of both. That means that im going to have to get myself anohter pair of rims in the future so that swapping tires will be faster. Today we (okay, it wasnt me, but still, im not going to blame anyone) managed to puncture a tube while changing my tires. A tube every time i switch tires is a bit too expensive. And we might not have a spare one every time, too.

Also, i hear i got the englsh exam a 5. I also hear that only one person got a 4. And to him, i believe, it was a good thing. He, i believe, has studied hard to get a 4 because he usually didnt get 4s. Congrats.
The Postimees writes:
Tallinna Juhkentali gümnaasiumi õpetajad aitasid 60 abituriendil matemaatika riigieksamil spikerdada, peites lahendatud ülesanded eksami ajal tualettruumi, kus õpilased said käia neid maha kirjutamas.

For the non-estonian reader: its an article about cheating during the national math exams for the 12th formers. The teachers hid the right answers in the toilet.

I am stunned. Really. Teachers arent supposed to do that. I never thought that could be possible. The schools' greed for good results is getting so big they do anything to get them better. Although in my school they do it differently. They actually teach us so we get better results. As we can see, not all schools have the priviledge of having teachers that can teach. So they must resort to business such as that. Those teachers should be shot.
In addition to being unfair towards all the other pupils (had succeededeeded, that is) it is cruel to the pupils they tried to help. Pretty much all of them must now wait for a year before graduating. A year without nothing to do and no educaction to get a job. If it's a poor family, it can be really nasty.

I believe sacking the teachers is really the LEAST they should do. Maybe some extra punishment for causing misery for all those pupils, too.

Of cource, it is somewhat the pupils' own fault, too. After all, they had the chance not to go and read the right answers. But most still did. So i dont feel very sorry for them.
A new day again. First day as a free man, i might say. I was just thinking that if i wanted, i could get a job now. A real job. Not that i would want one. My plan is to stall with any real working as long as i can. That means another 3 years in school and then some university onto the top of it all.

Woke up late today. Felt nice. If i succseed in getting myself slicks today, wich i probably wont, because my parents' wallets are not endless and my stomach can only take a knife once in a while, it will be all the better.

Also going to have tea and cake with grandparents. Getting the education and all. They have helped me a lot with it, too. My grandmother has taught me russian and my granfather, a mathemathics professor, has taught me math. I really love them for that. But not just for that, obviously. So yes, tea and cake.

[music: The Best Jazz Album In The World]
A two-disc collection of good jazz songs. Some too slow for me, though. I dont much like slow music. Current song from album: Louis Armstrong - Mack The Knife.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

50 km today.

Now i am the only one from the crew that HASNT got slicks. It's rather uncomfortable to ride like that because the slicks create differences in speed. Either i work my arse off in the front and they relax in my wind corridor or they work in the front (but not as half as hard as me at the same speed) and i work a little less at the back. Also, parts of my bike are falling apart. Namely, the bearings at the front, supporting the pedals. I dont actually know the english term. I think they are by the sounds, anyway. Im beginning to wonder if i need a new bike. Or rather, when is the most economical time to get a new one. My father is going to kill me. For real. I might just do it myself, kind person as i am.

Anyway, i still got my Education. Ahh, no more school now. I heard i got the maximum (15) points for the english oral exam. Not too difficult, that. And all the girls that kept fainting over and over because of the panic can relax now too. Yay. Or maybe they cant, i dont know if they know their written exam results yet. If they dont, i bet they are still trembling.
I am now officially Educated.
The english exam wasnt very bad, but im supposing it will be a four. I didnt study at all, i dont think ill get a five.

All i have to do now is impress the public with my good looks at the festive meeting.

Yea, i understand the drop of tension everyone was speaking about now. I feel kinda buzzy. Woot.
If all goes well, i will be a free man in a couple of hours. Well, more or less free, anyway. Free until the end of the summer, at least. The last exam will begin in less than an hour. Of course there is yet the festive meeting and whatnot but that will be easy. And hopefully, enjoyable.

So hold your fingers crossed for me. Yea, do that.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004


As Kaimar very precisely pointed out, blogging IS the new black. Today i found two new blogs of my classmates'.

Here you go:
Karin and

New blogs springing up everywhere...

[music: Wyclef Jean - Peace God]
Well then.
Got back from some nice 40 km. As a mate from the crew bought himself slick tires and moved some 10 km/h faster due to that, we had a pretty good average speed of 26 km/h with him leading all the way.

It felt good. As im afraid im going to have to get some slicks myself in the mid-near future, i wont be able to eat or buy new clothes or computer parts or toilet paper for the next few years or so.

And now for something completely different:
I stil havent studied for my exam. Ah well. I might look a few things over. Our teachers are thinking we have been only studying for the last two weeks. Ah well for the second time.

[music: Dave Brubec - Unsquare Dance]
Another very good jazzy thing.
Im starting to feel concern about the weather. Its got a disease or something. When came home from school, the weather was fine. And i do mean fine. Now it went away again and its raining like hell. Always happens when i want to go biking and have even organized myself a tube and all. WHY ME? Im most probably still going biking, though.
You will be informed.

Monday, June 14, 2004

Rapidfire continues.

With so many places with great perspective to good mountain biking, i was still born here, where there are no mountains in two zillion kilometers.
F00k all that, when i grow up, im gonna move to Jamaica or something.
Just look at this and say u wouldnt. Browse links at left for even more pics.
Well then.
Rapid-fire posting today.
Found karupoeg's blog. Not as in i found a random blog on the net but as in i have known him for nine years now and i got the address of his blog. Not that he has had the blog for 9 years. Yaddayadda.
He has, as you can see below, also started posting in english for somewhat the same reasons as me. Yay.

As he very precisely points out:
It is good to ride your own bike. Riding some bike that is not yours is uncomfortable but on your own bike you feel like home...

He might have meant it in a different context, but still, its an universal truth and one of the fundamental facts that holds timespace together.

[music: Track 05 by Jay Chou]
I wish i knew the name of this song. As many i have highlighted in my posts, this one too, is great. Irresitible jazzy brazilian funk. Or something close to that. Aww. They day keeps getting bettter. If you really want it, contact me and ask. I suggest u do that now. Im also thinking of putting a cd with "Payl's hits" together someday.
And now for something completely different:

I stopped doing nothing for a while and cooked for a change. Chicken and wok veggies. With curry and dried apricot stuff. I didnt f00k up with the spicing and in the end, it was pretty good. Okay, im being moderate. It was very good. Really. And some cake with halvah in and on it. As far as i know, the translation is right. I mean this stuff.
A good day, it was.
You know what...

I have done so ittle i even amaze myself with this. Even though im a lazy person, this is just amazing. I got up, maybe ate something, went to school. Got back. Sat here, did nothing. Still not doing anything. And if im not going biking i will do nothing until the evening. Then i might do a little bit of nothing before going to sleep.
One day, the future generations will read about this day in history class. The day one brave man managed to move less than a dead rock under 200 metres of earth. I wonder if i should be classified as a Bradypus variegatus .

Just as a side note:
Its funny to start recognising fonts on the web. Like, 'ive got this one, ah, ive seen that one, oh this is called that'. Leet haxor indeed. Not really, im just being self-centered.

[music: Aphrodite - Subject 13 - Phuture (Remix)]
Lotsa links today. The weather sucks so im inside. Damnit, i want summer.

'How the hell did you use all these to make that?'
'It's just what I needed.'
'What? Where did the lawnmower fit in?'
Teh leet hax0r l0rd 0f teh ringz
[The fellowship leaves Loth Lorien and sets out via river]
Saurman: "ph34r my army of uruk hai! Go outz0r, find teh hobbitz and pwnz0r them!"
uruk hai: "leet!"
Just an usual day so far. Not that it would be bad or anything.
Found some pictures of my home town, Tartu.
Check em.

[music: Shinhead - Jamaican In New York]

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Vertu Phones. Suggested retail prices around eleven thousand pounds or so.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Türa, kummi on vaja.

With trembling hands i am writing this entry to my blog.
Had i got a spare tube, i would be out biking. But no. Its always my bike and my tires.
Everyone's inside watching football or something and the city is empty. No traffic, no nothing. The weather is fine and its a nice evening. It would be SO good to bike. I even spotted some new nice trails around the Toome hill area. Aww...

Yes, i am crazy.

[music: Kelis - Get Along With You]
This fine morning i woke to the sound of my rear tyre going flat in the hall. wtf^^? i thought to myself. I still do. I suppose the set of inner tubes was just shitty because i already had to replace the front one. Just went flat in the hall at night, too. Is my home haunted or something? Or my bike?

Anyway, i thought i should rest during the weekend. Rest from biking, that is. After not taking any days off after that 80 km day i dont have so much spark in my legs anymore. I think a day or two of rest will fix that.

As for other things, i still feel kind of lazy. I suppose taking all those exams makes one feel like that. I dont suppose its sitting at my computer till one in the morning because one in the morning isnt really that late, considering i used to play wolf till about four or so. Or am i getting old? I dont think i have spotted any gray hairs in the mirror as of yet.

Oh, and yes, i think im going to try to install a shoutbox. So i could call myself an even more leet haxor. Or not..

[music: Fernanda Porto - Sambassim (Dj Marky Vip Mix)]
Porto is good, Dj Marky is good. So they are good together. Only that there is a confusing sound in the song wich sounds like my telephone ringing. Thats a bit confusing.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Paul drew first blood.

Well. The clipless pedals do need some more getting used to. To say the least. Everything is okay on tricky gravel sections and forest trails (not to mention asphalt) but the northern hemisphere equivalent of jungle i happened into today isnt too comfortable to ride as of yet. As there are LOTS of broken branches and tree stumps in the foiliage (sp?) so you cant see them, you need superfast reaction times to get your leg free. At times, my reactions werent superfast enough. But don't worry, the bike is okay. I got myself some brand new wounds on the left shin. Not too bad but the towel got smeared with blood when i dried myself after the shower. Ah, more respect in the biker community anyway.
All this makes me sound really tough and masculine, doesnt it? Yay.

Edit: wanted to say we did 37 km overall. The first 10 km with a mate from the crew. The second part with a mate from my class. That was sort of a joyride. No disrespect, though. I was rather exhausted myself.

And now for something completely different:

I got the results for the math exam already. 37 points out of 40. That means a 5 wich is the best possible mark for those of you that might not know. I know the exercise i might have lost two points, the third remains to be seen. Its a bit sad that the mark has no practical value whatsoever. It shows how much and how well i have learned during "basic school" (really not up to looking the right term up at the moment), but still. I dont get anything for it. Yes, some girls' recieving of the Note Of Honour (translation brought to you by braindead inc.) or not. But more or less, it was a 0 or 1, on or off mark. U fail and have to retake the exam or just pass. And thats it. Feels sort of empty.

[music: LTJ Bukem - The James Bond Theme]
So then. The exam wasnt all that bad. I think i got all the answers right. One thing i know i didnt do right, but the answer is correct. I'd explain, but i dont have any mathemathical vocabulary in english. I wish i did, though. Im hoping for 36+ points of fourty. So i'd get the best mark. I (again) guess we'll just see.

And now for something completely different:
The weather isnt good. Well, it isnt bad either. But still, bad enough for some people to refuse going biking. Ah well, their choice.

Still, what about that tagboard thing? Is anyone reading this at all?

[music: Krust - Jazz Note (Total Science Mix)]
As i noticed, i have lots of mixes in my playlist.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Changed color of title.

Anyway, i was just wondering if i should add a tagboard. I dont know why they are called tagboards, i used to know them by the name of shoutboxes. They are sort of like little slow-paced chatrooms somewhere in the corner of the page. One of those you can see here, in the bottom left (edited, was bottom right).

Post your thoughts via comments.

[music: Letta M'Bulu - What Is Wrong With Groovin]
This old-time jazzy song is really great. REALLY great. I wish it were longer.
Nice fast paced tempo and good vocal (if thats the right way to say it). Ahh...
I can still feel yesterday's distance in my bones. Went out for a short 25 km. Keeping 30 km/h on the speedometer was quite a struggle. At times, i didnt manage. As for the good part, i got up a rater steep wall again. Not too long but rather steep. As always, it seemed so-f00ken-steep-i-dont-know-why-i-even-tried-this in the middle of it. I managed, though.

And now for something completely different:
Maths exam tomorrow. I have studied a tough 30 minutes or so. I think im probably going to add that much to it. Somewhy, i dont feel too unconfident. I guess we'll just see.

[music: The Blackbyrds - Rock Creek Park]
Segase sassi sopakas is up and running. Blog of a classmate of mine. In estonian.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

This is my current desktop background. Just testing color profiles and whatnot. Use if you want but let me know. Copyright ME.

Edit: found out that there is a maximum size for uploaded images. Oh well, the world is not perfect after all. But this photoblogging stuff is still cool.
Unfortunately for all the starving children in Afrika and the Middle East, i am not dead.

After a grand total of 80 kilometers done in three hours and some minutes, i can say it wasnt so bad. Instead of going to Vapramäe (The Hill of the Brave [in singular], in estonian) we went to Vooremäe (The Hill That Is On A Hump-Like Formation Of Earth [this translation brought to you by DeadBrain inc.]). That means i got f00ked with my plan to take only one bottle of water and refill it once we get there. So i had to live some 55 km on about half a litre of water. Luckily, i managed. Biking around the hill was fun. Singletrack madness. There were some bikers from the Velo forum around. It was rather nice to ride back in a large group.

Although i did have some problems with standing upright without the help of the walls when i was taking a shower, i am now pretty much okay.

If my joints dont sneak out of my body at night, i will do the same tomorrow.

[music: Aphrodite - Rincing Quince (Slider Mix)]
Going to be a lots-of-biking day today. 25 done, some 50 more to do. If i dont die or something, that is.
We are going to Vapramäe, if we dont die, that is, with the (yea, i still think that is a good name) crew. Sounds like hip-hop. We havent been to Vapramäe in a while, because it used to be too far to just bike there. We're gonna try today. 1337 pr0gr3zz 0f sk1llz. ("Elite progress of skills" for those of you that spend less than three quarters of their waking time surfing the web.)

Oh, and i have had my cold water back for some time already. A nice man came and fixed it. My mom fainted when she heard how much money the man wanted. Im going to the hospital to see her soon.

There is another blog to see the daylight soon. (I dont know if that sentence makes sense or not.) I even tried to help with the code. Didnt know what to do, damn complicated css and html and whatnot. Sorry bout that.
As soon as there is actually some info in da blog, ill let u know.

Paul, still on Aphrodite wave, going out biking now.
If i die, all my stuff is to be given away as charity.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Forgotten NY - lots of pictures worth looking at.
Back home. All wet and somehow alive. Still raining. Man, will this stuff ever end. There were little floods here and there in the city, you know. The drainage holes were spilling and whatnot. So that water was coming out when it was supposed to go IN.

The star wars was pretty good, anyway. (Star wars role-playing game for those of you that dont yet know im a mad freak.)

Most probably going to spend the evening at home, playing computer games. Its just the weather for that.

And yea, still listening to lots of Aphrodite. Its good, you know.
[music: Aphrodite - Deep In The Jungl]
Back home. All wet and somehow alive. Still raining. Man, will this stuff ever end. There were little floods here and there in the city, you know. The drainage holes were spilling and whatnot. So that water was coming out when it was supposed to go IN.

The star wars was pretty good, anyway. (Star wars role-playing game for those of you that dont yet know im a mad freak.)

Most probably going to spend the evening at home, playing computer games. Its just the weather for that.

And yea, still listening to lots of Aphrodite. Its good, you know.
[music: Aphrodite - Deep In The Jungl]
The weather went away. Now all we have is water. In the sky, on the ground and everywhere in between. And i gotta walk across town to play some star wars. Im gonna die.

(Just cut some pictures out for a mate. Photoshop guru massiv. At least one way i can help the community.)

[music: Aphrodite - Underworld (Ruffed Up Version)]
Yea, ive been listening to lots of Aphrodite lately.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Die Olde Skool estonian cartoons.
First 30 kilometers on maintenanced bike. I feel loved.

[music: Bobby McFerrin - I Feel Good]
(McFerrin's take on the famous song is rather good, actually.)


I got my bike back. I feel born again.
Being apart from your bike for so long makes you rething your relationship with it. Rethink your life. You realise that without it, you are worthless. That all other bikes arent any good.
Sitting on that saddle again felt like heaven. Smooth, soft, like there are no bumps in the smooth asphalt. A man cant ask for anything better. Well, besides disc brakes, better shifters, a new frame, better tires and whatnot. But still. I like mine.

Okay, i admit. Im crazy.

[music: Aphrodite - Cool Flight]
Link to quantum cryptography. Mad what scientists are doing, isnt it?
The exam wasnt as bad as i thought it would be.
And they have finished the maintenance on my bike. If i wasnt so lazy, i could say life is getting better. But i still dont have cold water. Wich is, in this time of year, rather uncomfortable. Some pipe-people are coming here later. I hope they can do something.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

The weather is (too) fine and the birds are singin'. And im here sitting inside studying.
More or less just a test of the photoblogging thing. Click on thumbnail for full.
(Image copyright ME. Dont use without my permission, allright.)
New day. And with not the greatest perspective to being a good one, really. Have to study for tomorrows exam. Exam in estonian, to be exact.
Im sitting here in the 30-or-so degree heat and not being outside. Oh well..

[music: Aphroidte - Dub Moods (super dub mix)]
Making some modifications to the template of the blog. I might consider making my own template in the future.

[music: jaco pastorius - stuttgart aria II]
Summer is here to stay. For real. The weather today was exellent. We rode to a mates (screw apostrophes and proper punctuation in an unofficial web environment) summer house in Pangodi (writing this sentence makes me feel a bit unclear why im doing this in english, but still, its good practice), some 27 (or so they say) kms from Tartu. 2 and a half hours total ride time or so. I was riding my dads bike. Not fun.

I recently found out that a mate of mine is holding lectures at e-university. About philosophy. Check it out. I might take part, if i have the time.

About two songs yet another mate recently recommended - Laroque - Goldfinger and Contour - Come Tomorrow - exellent. Especially come tomorrow. When first listened to them, i thought they were too new school for me (not that i would know all that much about jungle yet). Thought that i liked Die Olde Skool jungle best. Comes out they, especially come tomorrow, cant stress that enough, are good. Very good. If you can get your hands on them, do so.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Child murders another in japan (link in estonian). What a wonderful place, the world.
As i was surfing around this fine morning, i happened to find a (partial) list of people coming to my school next autumn. As some of you might know, we are finishing an important part of schooling this year. The only part that the government makes us. All the rest will be voluntary. There is going to be a change of people in the class as a result of that.

And damnit, i want my bike back. Why must the damn maintenance queues be so long. As a mate pointed out, we ought to learn how to do the basic stuff ourselves. Probably will, too. We have a potential teacher, and all. The bikes are not what they used to be, you know. Or so the Olde Skool mates im biking with say.

[music: 4 hero - les fleur]

Friday, June 04, 2004

Lessons over.

Finally, no more lessons this year. Now we "only" have to take three exams. Fail and die!
The weather is good, thank jah. After the festive meeting (i think our school teaches us aged vocabulary)(i held a speech - leet, eh?) we just chilled in the sun, pretty much. And was that good.

So yeah, the school year is pretty much over. Totally over in two weeks. Cant wait.
[music: contour - come tomorrow]

Thursday, June 03, 2004

This seems fake. What people with enough free time can do...
Mad, isnt it?
Ahh, im still doubtful about the whole English stuff. Im going to try, anyway.
Found this flash at Kalm's site. I've been listening to it for two days now. Hypnotising, isnt it?

As you can see, i discovered that every post doesnt need a title. Nifty.
And i've been wondering how much (if any) readers i've had. Too bad i cant check the counter or something. Or can i?


I am now considering starting posting in English. Everyone here in Estonia speaks it at some level anyway. Even more so do the IT people. And there are international people id like to read my blog.

You (if anyone is reading the blog yet) will see what i decide.

Not that my English would be the finest, or anything.

DC on vahva

Kuulan kahte sellist plaati. Esimese mulje jälgi tunduvad väga haiged. Heas mõttes. Nagu enamus muusikast, mida ma kuulan. Teiste arvates, eniveis.

Hello, world

Esimene blog, esimene sissekanne.
Saame näha, kas sellest värgist ka asja saab.

Selle blogi avamine sai ajendatud sellest, et blogspoti uuendused paistavad päris mõistlikud. Seda otsustasin nähes Karoliina blogi ja selle templeiti. (Mai estõunian is longab, õujee.)

Veider on ju mitte blogida, kui kõik teised ümber blogivad. Selleteemalised mõtted on tükk aega old eniveis. Nüüd sai vist bloggeri kaudu võimalikuks ka fotode (ja tasuta) üleval hoidmine. Selle bänneri osas ülaservas me pigistame silma kinni, onju.

Eniveis, hoidke siis pöialt ja põigake aegajalt läbi.

[muss: C&C Music Factory - Do You Wanna Get Funky]